SGH Staff Commended & Praised Online For Helping Elderly Man Stranded On Overhead Bridge

Image: SNEC

In all honesty, it’s rather easy to lose faith in humanity. I mean;

Just look at the world around you.

Faith in humanity? Utterly ripped to shreds.

But still, here’s the thing: every once in a while, you get an incident that’s so compassionate in nature, so intense in sincerity, that you can’t help but look up to the sky and smile and go:

“Humanity isn’t so bad after all!”

And this article, lest you haven’t surmised from the headline yet…

Happens to be just that.

Image: Jonathan Meng Sum Lee Facebook Page

SGH Staff Commended For Helping Elderly Man Stranded On Overhead Bridge

On 6 July 2019, a man named Jonathan Lee took to Singapore General Hospital’s (SGH) Facebook page to thank a certain Isvari N Veloo, for helping his elderly father get down from an overhead bridge.

According to the post, Mdm Veloo works for SGH as a housekeeping staff member.

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This was what Mr Lee had to say about the SGH staff member’s kind act:

“On the 6th of July, my father was stranded on an overhead bridge in Chinatown when he lost strength in his legs. While there were many concerned passersby who offered help, not many knew how to move an elderly who has lost the use of his legs as a support.

“After about 3 hours of the ordeal, Mdm Veloo happened to pass by and swiftly surmised that we needed help. I suppose it’s because of her years of professional experience and knowledge, she was able to quickly assess the situation and determine a good cause of action.

“With her helping physically and giving directions and together with several passersby, my sisters managed to get our father off the bridge and unto the ground level where he can be transported home.”

You can read the full post here:

Mr Lee also expressed his gratitude towards Mdm Veloo.

“We are truly and deeply grateful for a kind Samaritan like Mdm Veloo. Without her assistance and guidance, I think my sisters and our father would have been stranded on that bridge for a much longer time on a very humid and warm day.”

“I hope SGH will recognise her kindness and more importantly, her dedication to her profession.”

“Enclosed is a picture of MDM Isvari N Veloo. This was taken after we have secured our father safely on the ground level. The perspiration and her broad and genuine smile really touched the heart of my family.”

“You have an excellent staff in Mdm Veloo.”

Thank you Mdm Isvari N Veloo”

Image: Singapore General Hospital Facebook Page
Image: Know Your Meme

Netizens roar their approval

The post has since gone viral, with over 5.6K likes and reactions, 748 comments and 1.6K shares at the current moment.

Image: Singapore General Hospital Facebook Page

Netizens, in particular, were full of appraisal for the staff member.

Image: Singapore General Hospital Facebook Page
Image: Singapore General Hospital Facebook Page

And by full I mean full.

Image: Singapore General Hospital Facebook Page

For the full list of comments, you can head over here.

Faith in humanity… restored?

The world might’ve its fair share of f*cked up incidents, but as Mdm Veloo’s case served to show us…

We can do way more than just mope at the world’s current state.

So let’s go all out and try our best, and if someone ever needs our help…

Perhaps it would be pretty nice to lend a helping hand.

Boss: You don’t fake la you; you just want compliments right?

Boss, I have a heart of gold okay.

Boss: Yeah, and a face of money too.