Shangri-La Assures That Wuhan Virus Patient’s Hotel Room Was Disinfected & Refunds Other Guests


Lest you’ve been hiding in a cave, you would be aware that the first-ever case of the Wuhan has arrived here on our sunny shores.

But in case you’re not all caught up, here’s a quick summary of what has gone down thus far to get you up to speed:

In December 2019, a scary and mysterious virus broke out in China. It was linked to a market in Wuhan wherein people sold seafood and live animals.

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Now you’re probably wondering what on earth the virus is. You might’ve also heard of the term coronavirus being thrown around.

Don’t worry, let Goody Feed explain.

The Wuhan virus is said to be a new form of coronavirus, named as 2019-nCoV.

Coronaviruses can cause illnesses in people and be transmitted by animals. Sometimes, these viruses can also evolve and be transmitted between people.

Sounds familiar?

Shangri-La Assures That Wuhan Virus Patient’s Hotel Room Was Disinfected & Refunds Other Guests

And now, Singapore has its very first confirmed case of the Wuhan virus.

Other countries who also have confirmed cases of the Wuhan virus include Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the US, besides China.

There have been a total of 600 confirmed cases all over the world and 17 deaths.

Here’s what happened:

At around 6pm yesterday, a 66-year-old Chinese national who lives in Wuhan tested positive for the Wuhan virus, now named 2019-nCoV.

The man had flown in from Guangzhou via a China Southern flight with nine other people, and had arrived in Singapore on 20 January 2020 at around 10.40pm.

At the time, he only had a sore throat, but had no fever, hence, he wasn’t identified during the temperature screening.

He stayed at Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa resort and had a fever the very next day.


However, he only went to Singapore General Hospital on Wednesday where he was immediately isolated, diagnosed with pneumonia and identified to MOH as a suspect case at 10pm.

According to reports, he is currently in stable condition.

But the hotel room isn’t, which is why Shangri-La has taken several measures to reduce the risk for their staff, other guests and essentially the Singapore population.

Shangri-La Hotel’s Quick Response

In response to the situation, Shangri-La Hotel cordoned off and disinfected the room that he was staying at.

They also traced who made contact with him, which included staff and other guests.


All staff members who came into contact with the patient has been asked to stay within their homes since 22 January.

Thus far, none of the four staffs who came into contact with him do not have any symptoms of the virus.

They also have temperature checks for staff and guests and are keeping a lookout for those who have a fever or flu symptoms.

Surgical masks are also being used by staff and are also made available to hotel guests.

Other guests who do not wish to stay at the hotel but have already made a reservation can request for a full refund without any penalties.