Shanmugam Responds to Man Who Shouts ‘Take Your Gun & Shoot Me’ Just for Omega X Swatch Watch


“Take your gun and shoot me!” sounds like a line from a cheesy Hong Kong police drama, or maybe the next trending TikTok sound from Crimewatch.

Unfortunately, the true context is rather anti-climatic, and Minister of Law and Home Affairs K. Shanmugam agrees too.

Swatch and Omega launched a collaborative collection of watches—the Bioceramic MoonSwatch Collection. This particular collection gained so much traction and popularity that thousands of people swarmed to the Swatch outlet at Ion Orchard and Marina Bay Sands just to get a purchase.

To know more about the collaboration, watch this to the end:

Sure, the watches are nice.

But apparently, according to some people, they are to die for.

In a Tiktok video that went viral, a man in a black shirt was shown screaming hysterically at police officers about being pushed back in the queue, before ending off his rant with “take your gun and shoot me!” in irate, rapidfire Chinese.

@ruitianbear Dude literally told the police in chinese “pull your gun and shoot me la!” Just becuase he can’t get the Omega X Swatch Watch… 😵‍💫 #omega #omegaxswatch #swatch #orchardion #singapore #watch #shootmela ♬ original sound – Bear

In the background, someone else can be heard responding, “Whoa, whoa, this one $300 only leh,” clearly taken aback by the man’s drastic exclamation.

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Not Even Limited Edition

To make things even worse, the cherry on the top is that this collection of watches is not even limited edition—in fact, Swatch explicitly posted on its Facebook page about there being “more opportunities to purchase the watches in the selected Swatch Stores in the coming weeks”.

All this fuss, and you could just wait just a few weeks to get your hands on the watch.

However, Swatch did impose a one-watch-per-person limit, presumably to avoid scalpers that are already selling the watches at nearly ten times the retail price. 

Shanmugam’s Response

In response to the incident, Shanmugam uploaded a strongly-worded Facebook post. 

He named this an “ugly incident” and called for “a sense of perspective”, referencing the Russian-Ukraine conflict and the “war going on”, before finally highlighting that not getting a watch is not a “life and death” situation that warrants abuse of civil servants.


Mic drop.

Shanmugam’s sentiments echo that of netizens, who either made fun of the man in the black shirt as well as the huge crowds that thronged to get the watches, or condemned the actions of not only the man, but the retailers for their poor crowd control.

Watch your behaviour, guys. 

Here’s his post:


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Featured Image: Parliament / Tiktok User @ruitianbear