Shanmugam Responds to Woman’s Claim That He Appeared in Event for Just 5 Minutes to Avoid Ridout Road Question


The Ridout Road saga might appear to have ended with the review by the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) and Senior Minister Teo Chee Hean, but nothing ever ends on the Internet.

A Facebook user, Serene Ho, suddenly posted this:

Image: Facebook (K Shanmugam Sc)

She claimed that Shanmugam had gone to an event and only stayed for five minutes, and implied that he did not want people to ask him about the Ridout Road Colonial House rental saga.

The post has been removed, active again, and for some reason, removed again.

Nevertheless, Minister Shanmugam has responded to her post.

Shanmugam Responds to Woman’s Claim That He Appeared in Event for Just 5 Minutes to Avoid Ridout Road Question

Shortly after the post went online, Minister Shanmugam posted a pointed response.

He claimed that Serene Ho “was not present at the event”, adding that he has noticed “active efforts to spread falsehoods” and this was one example.

He then provided more context, saying, “I went for four events in Chong Pang, this evening, starting with Goodlink Park, where I was when the photo in the post was taken.

“At Goodlink Park we had organised an event for residents to have some durians together.

“Went around the tables, residents here always friendly. Very warm reception. Took photo with everyone. Spent about 25 minutes, then explained to the residents that I had to go to the next event.

“Went for three more events , tonight was busy.

“All four events: very warm- typical of Chong Pang residents. Some photos attached.

“Will put up posts on these events in due course.”

Finally, Serene should be proud as the minister apparently took a look at her profile, and then added, “Serene seems (from her posts) to be anti-vaxxer, and an opposition supporter. That doesn’t however require her to put out untruths.”

Not the First Beef With High-Profile Individual

If the name Serene Ho sounds familiar, it’s because Ho Ching, PM Lee’s wife and probably the most active Facebook user in the entire Milky Way, has once called her out.


Last year, after Ho Ching made a Facebook post about HDB flats, Serene Ho responded and that got a lengthy reply from Ho Ching herself.

It also appeared that Ho Ching tried to post a comment on Serene’s post, but she was allegedly blocked from doing so.

Blocking the PM wife on Facebook, and getting a minister to look at your Facebook profile?


Serene Ho is slaying it.

To know more about the Ridout Road Colonial House review, watch this to the end: