The shape of your feet can reveal your hidden talent!

Last Updated on 2016-05-20 , 10:42 am

Have you discovered your talent or do you think you have potential in a field where you’ve pictured yourself being in? The shape of your feet can reveal your hidden talent, find out what you’re born to do! Find out if it’s as accurate for you as it is for us!

Romanian feet


Most people are born with their feet in this shape, where the big toe is aligned with the second and third toe. The fourth and fifth toes decrease in size and length respectively. People with this type of feet are very sociable and outgoing, and they tend to become powerful people make a big impact on the world.

If you are born with this feet, you’re well-suited to be motivational speakers or businessman. People with Romanian feet find it more comfortable to wear round tip shoes and they can dance ballet really well!

Square-shaped feet


These are known as the Farmers’ feet due to the feet structure. The toes are aligned and almost equal in length. People with square-shaped feet are rare and they are calm decision makers. They are reliable people who are great in planning and conceptualizing, so expect them to be in the finance or engineering sectors. No, they’re not suitable to be farmers, despite the name.

Greek feet


People born with the Greek feet have longer second-toes. They are passionate, creative people who love to create new ideas. Greek-feet people are able to thrive well in the creative industry, such as being a designer or artist. They are the lucky ones who can wear shoes with pointy ends due to their feet structure.

Egyptian Feet


Another most common feet shape would be the Egyptian feet. Their toes decrease in length down the toes, and they value privacy. They are emotional, and because they have mood swings often, they are rash decision makers. They are born to be in the limelight, and have great potential in acting and theatres among other performing arts.

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