She’s Allegedly the World’s Most Beautiful Air Stewardess & She can Stop Arguments with a Smile


Last Updated on 2023-04-07 , 10:49 am

Her name is Liu Miaomiao and she was officially conferred the title of the “World’s Most Beautiful Stewardess” by the World Air Stewardess Association (WASA) in a competition that took place in June 2019.

Originally from Xi’an, she joined Shenzhen airline 6 years ago in 2010.

In the three months training period for the job, she had to balance bowls on her head and bite down on a chopstick to develop a good posture and an amazing smile.

And what a smile it was. It was reported that once, there was a flight delay when the plane couldn’t take off due to heavy air traffic.

Passengers on the plane grew impatient and started to lose their tempers. But before things could escalate, she managed to calm them down with her smile. Some even apologised for their bad behaviour at the end of the flight.

Displaying skills and passion in her line of work, she was quickly promoted to the position of Chief Attendant in 2014.

As for her? She’s just happy with her job and is glad that her professionalism might inspire more boys and girls to follow in her footsteps and join the aviation industry.