ComfortDelgro Putting a Plastic Shield All Around Drivers As a Trial to Protect Them

Working as a taxi driver can be quite challenging during this COVID-19 season.

Being constantly on the move would mean that coming into contact with a possibly infected passenger isn’t out of the question.

And then there’s the fear from passengers of not wanting to get too close to the drivers as well.

But if you die-die really need to take a taxi to get somewhere, don’t worry too much. ComfortDelGro’s got a pretty smart solution for situations like this.

Veil of Protection

For all intents and purposes, it is literally shielding the problem away.

ComfortDelGro will be installing plastic shields in 400 taxis from today (20 May) onward.

Image: ComfortDelGro

This trial aims to minimise contact between cabbies and passengers, hopefully reducing the spread of COVID-19.

But of course, everyone’s question would be, “You put one piece of plastic got use or not?”

Trust me, this thing is looking extra thicc, possibly with a few extra C’s too.

Image: Make a Meme

The V-shield, as it’s called, is made up of a supposed unbreakable material and measures 1m by 0.7m by 0.6m.

It even has two window openings to enable cash transaction so you don’t even have to worry about touching hands.

But no promises the guy hasn’t had that five-dollar note touched anywhere else.

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An Actual Shield

The thickness of the shield can also double up as a real physical shield too.

Let’s say for some reason the passenger buay song, it would protect them from physical harm should they try and attack the driver.

Now I’m really curious as to what this unbreakable material really is. Kryptonite?


At this point, maybe some of you are readying the next question: isn’t it going to be real hot and stuffy with the sheets everywhere?

ComfortDelGro is way ahead of us.

The sheet encases only the driver’s cabin area so you can still enjoy your air-con properly without feeling stuffy.

Image: ComfortDelGro

CEO of ComfortDelGro Taxi, Ang Wei Neng, says that besides the shield and wearing of masks, drivers also regularly disinfect the cabs to make it even cleaner.

If you weren’t convinced that it’s not a danger to take a cab now, just look at how much measures they’re taking. 

In fact, just think about how many people taxi drivers are exposed to every day. They probably need protection even more than we do! While of us can sit comfortably from our homes as we work, these guys can’t.

So maybe the next time you take a cab, maybe leave a tip for these extra-hard workers.


And is it just me, but this would also be perfect for cab drivers when they’re fetching their wives? #justsaying

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