Shihlin S’pore Now Selling Deep Fried Tom Yum & Sour Cream Chicken Skin

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When we think of Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks, we think of the XXL Chicken Cutlet that is basically fried marinated succulent meat topped off with their special blend of chilli powder.

Image: Yelp

We think of the fragrant Oyster Mee Sua topped off with shredded chicken and coriander leaves to add that extra pop of flavour.

If you don’t already love the above, you’re probably going to love their latest addition.

The time has come for us to rejoice because Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks has just released their all-new Crispy Chicken Cracklings in all of their outlets in Singapore!

‘What’s that?’ you may ask.

Chicken Skin: The Best Part Of The Chicken

Their Crispy Chicken Cracklings are made of premium chicken skin deep-fried to crispy, golden perfection. They are boasted to have less fat and less oil. Shihlin also claims that these chicken cracklings are low in carbs, high in collagen and even keto-friendly!

As if that isn’t already enough to entice you to give it a try, you can also opt for the Tom Yum flavoured one to tantalise your tastebuds or the Sour Cream flavoured one if you want a milder kick instead of the Original.

Munch on these crunchy cracklings and down them with Shihlin’s bestselling refreshing cool dessert – Lemon Ai-Yu Jelly (with Honey) as a combo for a price of $6.80 (U.P $7.60).

Alternatively, you can purchase these cracklings a la carte at $4.80!


If you can’t get enough, which I’m sure would be the case because of how addictive and good it will be, you can purchase their Crispy Chicken Cracklings in their Snack Attack Gift Pack!


It will be available in all stores from 27 August onwards according to Mothership at a promotional price of $7.80 per pack instead of $11.80.

And if you purchase three packs, you can get them at the price of $22.

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You can choose from three flavours – Original, Tom Yum and Sour Cream, or simply buy all three flavours to get the full experience of tasting goodness.

So what are you waiting for? Go get yours at your nearest store now!