Shipping Container Hotel Now Open At One-North

If a shipping container house sounds familiar to you, that’s because you might be aware of the tiny house movement in the US.

The tiny house movement might’ve started due to homeowners looking to downsize and minimise their mortgages but a Singaporean decide to make it a business idea.

S’porean Decide To Start Shipping Container Hotel in S’pore

This is Mr Sean Seah.

the entrepreneur behind the shipping container hotel singapore
Image: The Asian Entrepreneur

We previously wrote about this entrepreneur back in Oct 2019.

Back then, he revealed his dream about opening container hotels all across Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The reason? He wants to go to places where no hotels have been before.

And Now, His Dream Has Started

On 17 Jan 2020, it was announced that Shipping Container Hotel has officially landed in One-North.

Each container is 300 sqft big and fully air-conditioned and can put up to four people at one go.

It has:

  • Two queen-size beds
  • A study table
  • Living space
  • Dining space
  • A kitchen
  • And a bathroom

Customers will also have access to a 24-hour customer service hotline.

Because they’re more like cabins than full-fledged hotels, don’t expect a swimming pool or lobby.

A night’s stay will cost you $150 to $200, depending on whether it’s peak season or not.

A Shipping Container Hotel For Millennials

Millennials are adventurous and always on the lookout for unique and different experiences. And this is the group that Mr Seah is hoping to target.

The container is located in One-North now but it won’t always be there.

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They are built to be mobile and Mr Seah wants to move them to a different location every two to three years in order to give the customers a different experience.

And because his hotels are way smaller compared to traditional hotels, he wants to be able to offer a totally different vacation (or staycation) experience.

“Imagine a staycation in a nature reserve, park, on the beach, or on Serangoon Island or Lazarus Island.”

Image: Giphy 

He is currently reaching out to the Ministry of Trade and Industry’s Pro-Enterprise Panel to help him achieve his dreams.

Lease Valid Until End-2020

If you’ve always wanted to experience the tiny home movement or just a totally different experience, 2020 could be the year to do so.

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The lease for his current shipping container hotel expires at the end of the year. He has the option to extend his lease for another year.

And if all is successful, he hopes to own around 50 shipping containers scattered around the sunny island of Singapore.


You can check out their website for more information.


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