S’porean parents, you won’t want to let your kids use smartphones anymore after reading this


Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives. Just walk along Orchard Road and you will probably see seven out of ten Singaporeans texting while walking, watching videos while walking or even worse, play games even as they walk. And that’s not all, put down your phone for once and take a good look around you on the MRT: at least eight out of ten people on the train are probably looking at their smartphones.

And that’s not all, put down your phone for once and take a good look around you on the MRT: at least eight out of ten people on the train are probably looking down at their smartphones.

And this also extends to our children as well. Kids today, unlike the 90s, are carrying around cutting edge mobile phones that might just be better than what some of us are currently using. Samsung S7 Edge+, iPhone 6 are some of these phones.

Some parents gave their kids these smartphones because they love them too much while others submitted to peer pressure and decide to give their kids the best because their classmates are holding much better phones.

Whichever the reason, you might not be so willing to give your kids smartphones at such an early age anymore after reading this.

Cervical dislocation
Many kids can be seen arching down when using smartphones. Not only does this lead to bad postures which are detrimental to their body development and develop problems like body aches.

In serious cases, it may even lead to dislocation of the neck if they were to suddenly look up while using their smartphone.

Poor social skills
When playing with smartphones, most kids have little to zero interaction with others and they often spend long hours looking at their phones without talking to others. This may lead them into becoming introverts because they have not developed the necessary skills to adapt to social situations.


Lack of sleep
Research has shown that smartphone use can bring about issues such as lack of sleep or later bedtimes for kids. A lack of sleep is especially damaging at this critical stage of a kid’s life as they require sufficient amounts of sleep in order for them to be developing well both physically and mentally.

Using smartphones for a long period of time means that kids are usually rooted to a spot for long periods of time. Spending more time in inactivity may lead to obesity if coupled with a poor diet.

Problem with math and science
Now, we’re not saying that all games are useless, but you do have to admit that the games usually played by kids today revolve around RPGs, First-Person shooters, or other incredibly exciting game which might not require much brainwork. Excessive hours spent playing such games may cause disruptions in their creative development which may lead to problems in the development of skills needed for math and science.

If you really have to give your kids smartphones, it might be good to monitor them and ensure that they are not overusing their privilege. (Yes, we call it a privilege, despite what kids might call an entitlement because parents don’t take their toys away.)


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