These Shoes with Removable Heels are a Godsend to Women Everywhere


Although I don’t really know about you ladies out there when it comes to dressing up, there’s probably one thing that I can put myself in your shoes (or heels), literally.

Isn’t it time-consuming to consider so many things when you want to switch to a different pair of heels in between occasions? One of the factors is probably the height of the heels. What’s probably worse is when you have to do so several times throughout a particular day.

Fret not, ladies, because Tanya Health Paris is here to save you that trouble with the creation of a multi-height shoe with removable heels.

Founder Was Motivated By Taunts From Colleagues


Founder Tanya’s reply to what made her come up with such a creation is that she had no choice, where the idea consumed her for years and originated on her first day at work in a Paris management consultancy. She endured taunts from her colleagues because she had to change from flats to heels at work.

As her life became busier, she saw the need and wondered why no one had ever created a multi-height shoe with removable heels so that women would never have to choose between comfort and glamour again.

How It Works


Sliding the heels off and clipping them on is apparently a very easy and fun thing to do. According to the description on its website, slide the heel in until you hear a clicking sound to put it on.

It might take a bit of force initially but you must make sure that you hear a click before you can be sure that it is safe to walk in! 

Taking it out is also very simple: look for a round button inside your shoe, located near the heel in the insole. Press deeply into this button and simultaneously slide the heel out.

Perfect Gift For Christmas

And there you have it! Psst: guys out there, this is a perfect gift to get for your girlfriend or wife this Christmas. You’re welcome!

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