Shopee S’pore Uses Baby Shark to Promote Their 11.11 Sale & It Achieves Its Goal

Image: YouTube (SHOPEE Singapore)

If you’re a frequent movie-goer (or even just an occasional one), you would know one thing:

Movie ads suck.

I mean sure; some are pretty entertaining. But more often than not, you’re stuck with ads that just make you want to flip tables, grab the movie tape and just run it manually. Because let’s face it; nobody likes ads.

Image: Tenor

But once in a while, there comes an advert that’s not just plain entertaining.

It actually makes you want to sit through it.

And this particular Shopee ad, incidentally…

Doesn’t actually belong to the aforementioned category.

Though to be fair, it’s still pretty well-received.

And it’s pretty darn catchy too.


In its latest advertisement for Double 11, local e-commerce platform Shopee has opted for a pretty unconventional approach:

A parody of a long-time meme song that at its heart, doesn’t really have anything to do with baby predators of the sea. 

And the song I’m talking about?

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Baby Shark.

Image: Shopee Singapore YouTube Channel

Yes, my fair ladies and gentlemen. Shopee has actually created a song based off the near-iconic tune…

And I must say it doesn’t sound half as bad as it’s cringe-worthy.

Here, take a look for yourself.

In comparison, here’s the original Baby Shark video.

Mixed reactions

The video, that was posted on 25 Oct 2018, has since garnered over 500K views. It has also collected 323 likes at the time of writing, as well as 278 dislikes.

Pretty well-balanced, if you ask me.

Image: Shopee Singapore Youtube Channel

But over in the comments section…

It’s all-out war.

While positive comments were never a doubt…

Image: Shopee Singapore Youtube Channel
Image: Shopee Singapore Youtube Channel

Negative comments are pretty, for lack of a better phrase…

Nasty-ty-ty-ty-ty-ty-ty-ty as well.

Which is understandable because anything Baby Shark is going receive some backlash.

Image: Shopee Singapore Youtube Channel

Although a few did appreciate the sentiment.

Image: Shopee Singapore Youtube Channel

Which kind of achieves the purpose, ‘cringe’ or not.

Although really…

I gotta admit; when I first saw it (I was all set to watch Zombiepura when this ad popped up on the large screen), I was like


But after a while, the cringing sensation kind of left, leaving only the admiration and appreciation bits. Because as eyebrow-raising as the ad is, you gotta commend the amount of effort that went into the video, as well as the careful evaluation that made sure that nothing was out of place. 

Image: Shopee Singapore Youtube Channel

So kudos Shopee, your effort wasn’t in vain, what with 513K views and counting!

But a little post script:

Pick a more recent fad next time okay? And preferably one that’s not as children-oriented as Baby Shark.

Image: Tenor