Shopper Left Even More Confused By Vivo City Layout After Level 1 Revamp

VivoCity, one of Singapore’s largest shopping centres, has recently reconfigured, resulting in a new retail zone on the first floor. 

The changes surprised one visitor, TikTok user @mohamedfaizal, who shared his astonishment in a 20-second TikTok clip. 

Based on his clip, massive changes have been made to the already confusing layout of the mall’s first floor.

Layout Changes Shocks Shopper Who Hasn’t Visited Mall in Some Time

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The TikTok video, posted by Mr Mohamed Faizal on 24 May 2023, has gained significant attention, accumulating over 260,000 views. 

In the video, Mr Faizal captures his surprise at the newly discovered retail space on the first floor of VivoCity.

Having not visited VivoCity in quite some time, Mr Faizal was taken aback by the noticeable changes in the mall’s layout. 

He proceeds to showcase familiar locations within the mall, such as the H&M store and the nearby escalator entrance.

As he points towards the mall’s central atrium, he highlights that it was the usual path for him and other shoppers upon entering VivoCity. 

However, he then pans his camera to the right, revealing a newly established section featuring a Bath & Body Works outlet and an upcoming Chanel store on the same level.

Of significance is the relocation of TANGS, a well-known department store, to the farthest corner of the newly developed retail area, making room for the anticipated Chanel store.

Changes Made to Bring More Convenience to Shoppers

Since its establishment in 2006, VivoCity has been recognised as one of Singapore’s largest shopping centres

The mall attracts many shoppers and tourists as it is situated near the Harbourfront Cruise Centre and the monorail station leading to Sentosa Island.

While VivoCity’s spacious layout is designed to accommodate numerous stores, visitors often need help to navigate through the mall’s confusing layout. 

Image: Vivo City

Perhaps in acknowledgement of this feedback, the mall’s management recently announced the opening of a new retail zone on the first level of the mall in May 2023, specifically aimed at improving accessibility to and from the two basement areas.

MPACT Property Management, responsible for the development, assures that the new zone has been meticulously curated to enhance the shopping experience for visitors. 

To ensure convenient access, TANGS has been relocated to a space beyond the new escalator lobby, allowing customers to directly reach the department store upon ascending the escalator.

Stores like Polo Ralph Lauren have also been relocated within the mall, providing a more seamless and convenient shopping environment.

New Stores and Activities Available in Newly Opened Retail Zone

Image: Vivo City

Customers can now explore the newly opened retail zone and enjoy various food and beverage (F&B) options by taking the escalator from Lobby L or Lobby R to the mall’s first level.

MPACT Property Management emphasises that the reconfiguration aims to provide a smooth shopping experience by directly enabling shoppers in basement two to access the first floor via the two escalator lobbies. 

This improvement is expected to alleviate congestion on the existing escalators and enhance the overall convenience for visitors.

Meanwhile, exciting promotions await customers from 26 May 2023 to 25 June 2023. 

They have the chance to win mystery gifts and participate in engaging weekend activities, earning reward points that can be redeemed at participating stores in VivoCity.