Family Requests GrabFood Rider To Leave The Food & Yell ‘Ah-Hoo’ Instead

Image: Twitter (nasheerahhhh)


GrabFood riders must be used to their customers making special requests.

“Please order my McChicken without any chicken”.

“I don’t have cigarettes, can help me buy? One lighter also pls.”

“Please leave my food at the door, knock three times, yell ‘Ah-Hoo’, and leave”.

That’s exactly what one shy Singaporean family asked of their food delivery guy

In a post on Twitter, user Nasheerahhhh shared a video of one GrabFood rider’s unique delivery experience.

In the video, taken by the GrabFood rider himself, the rider pans from his delivery bag to a note left on the customer’s door.


The note reads: “Dear delivery man, do not call when you are here. Please just leave the food at the door (knock 3 times & shout ‘ah-hoo’!). We will collect it ourselves. We are a very shy family. Thanks!”

The rider was certainly confused.

If the family as shy as they say they are, and it certainly looks like it, this may not be the first GrabFood rider to take part in the family’s strange food delivery ritual.

Think of all the poor riders who’ve had to wait in long queues and ride for long hours only to be asked to shout “Ah-Hoo” to deliver their food.

At any rate, this family’s level of introversion is amusing.

Re-enactment video

If you’re disappointed that the GrabFood rider didn’t include his new peculiar delivery routine, fret not, because they’ve made a re-enactment video.

Ironically, the intensely shy family is now famous, with Nasheerahhhh getting over 16,000 retweets.

I understand the desire to avoid interactions with other people, but is the “Ah-Hoo” really necessary? Wouldn’t “GrabFood” suffice?

One suspects that this family is not actually shy but sociopathic and gets their kicks from making food delivery guys sound like great horned owls.

But the question remains, why did they leave the note at the door when they could’ve easily left a message with the rider?

That, I’m afraid, is a mystery that can never be solved.

Source: Tenor

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