SIA to Move to New Customer Case System to Provide “Consistent & More Personalised Service” to Customers

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Nothing feels better than airline staff knowing exactly you want and need, especially when you’re dead tired mid-flight or facing severe jetlag and all you crave is a cup of piping hot coffee.

That is, back when we were still able to take planes as and when we wished for leisure.

Instead of simply waiting for customers to come back to them after the pandemic situation improves, however, Singapore Airlines (SIA) has already begun preparing to welcome customers back in full swing.

SIA’s New Customer Case System For Better Service

Service standards will now be improved with a new customer case system for “consistent and more personalised service,” SIA said on Tuesday (6 Apr).

Salesforce, a customer relationship management firm, will be in charge of developing and implementing SIA’s new customer case and knowledge management system.

It will be named 1Point, and it will offer a consolidated “contextual and holistic view of customer interactions through a single interface” as a dynamic case management tool.

Customer touchpoints on the ground will be supported by the system, which will help in enhancing the travel experience with more personalised services.

Service staff will have access to customer information at each step of the service encounter, and they can also see each customer’s previous experiences and interactions in the system.

This is to allow them to better understand each customer and tailor their service towards each unique individual.

Furthermore, it makes it easier for them to make decisions and pre-empt customer needs more efficientlyall the better for customers who don’t want to be kept waiting too long.

Gone are the days where service agents had to toggle between various systems just to retrieve customer data, product and service information, policies and even to complete transactions.

Machine Learning & A.I. Will Be Used Too 

Stepping up into technological advancement, SIA’s in-house machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities will also be integrated into guided workflows and better case management.

The new system will be powered by Salesforce Service Cloud and the Mulesoft Anypoint Platform, with Capgemini being the systems integrator and application maintenance support.

However, it will only be deployed in late 2021 to SIA’s contact centres and customer feedback handling units worldwide.

“It is an investment in new technologies that ensure that Singapore Airlines is ready to support the evolving customer requirements in the coming years,” said Marvin Tan, SIA’s senior vice-president for customer services and operations.

SIA also wishes to live up to their commitment of being a world-class airline service provider throughout the entire travel experience.


The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore’s (CAAS) Aviation Development Fund will also be used for partial funding of 1Point in attempts to strengthen Changi’s competitive offerings.

Considering that SIA suffered from a customer data leak originating from external passenger service systems last month, it’s probably a good move to integrate some customer information into their own internal systems.

Don’t be too surprised if the next time you visit Changi Airport, the service staff already know what seats you like to go for, or even what drinks you enjoy on the flight. No, they aren’t mind readersit’s just a new system!

That’s one more thing to look forward to when travel finally resumes.

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