Sian 1/2: Haze Might be Coming Soon. Pokémon Trainers Need to Catch Em’ All Fast

Singaporeans, if you have not stocked up on your N95 masks, it might be a good idea to do so soon before it runs out of stock again.

Haze might be coming back soon

According to a report on, Indonesia warned on Friday (19 Aug) that haze from the forest fires have started to spread from the country.

On Thursday (18 Aug), Indonesia’s disaster agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said that smoke has started spreading across the waterway between Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

“Smoke from forest and land fires in Riau (province) has started to enter the Malacca Strait,” he tweeted. “Let’s prevent and put out the fires.” –

Number of hotspots increased

As Indonesia is entering towards its peak dry season in September, the number of hotspots identified is increasing.

158 hotspots were detected in West Kalimantan province, up from 106 hotspots detected a day before.

Measures put in early

Mr Nugroho stated that unlike September last year, the government’s early announcement of a state of emergency has helped to prevent the fires from spreading extensively.

In addition, he added that countermeasures this year were implemented faster and better.

He went on to add that the emergency status last year was only declared after the fires were widespread.

To monitor the situation even closer

Malaysia’s Natural Resources and Environment Minister Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar suggested that the haze situation must be closely monitored.

“This will allow the authorities to activate a joint emergency response should the forest fires or haze situation get out of hand,” – Mr Wan Junaidi

Malaysia has experienced haze a few days back

And before you think that you have a lot more time left, parts of Malaysia has experienced the haze a few days back.

Better catch those Pokemon before the haze sets in. Who knows, they might just go into hiding to escape from the smoky haze too.

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