New ‘Sian-est’ Recruit Image Surfaced on the Internet; This Time ‘Sian-er’ Coz No Western Food

If you remember, a certain BMT enlistee became an eternal internet meme in 2016.

This guy.

Image: Basic Military Training Centre

Well, he now has a successor.

This guy.

This picture appeared on the Basic Military Training Centre Facebook Page on 2 Apr 2020.

It was part of an album put out by BMTC showing the direct cohort enlistment of 02/20.

Due to new measures by the SAF, parents can no longer send their kids to enlist.

Compared to other images in the Page, that single image has gone so viral, it has well over 1.2k Shares.

Guess that guy doesn’t even know he’s become an Internet sensation.

Parents Can Only Go As Far As Selarang Camp

Unlike the good old days whereby your parents or visitors would take the ferry to Pulau Tekong with you and send you off to your training, that has changed.

Parents or visitors would not be able to step into Tekong.

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Instead, goodbyes have to be said at Selarang Camp, a camp located so far off in the east of Singapore that you’d have to take a 30-minute bus ride from Tampines MRT Station.

And suffice to say, there would be no visitors—enlistees just book in like any other book-in days.

Which means, no western meal.

Image: Giphy

No wonder this recruit so sian.

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