Sim Lim Square to Have Online Platform For Tenants to Sell Their Products Online

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As Sean Parker from the movie The Social Network (2010) said, “We lived on farms, then we lived in cities, and now we’re going to live on the Internet!”

It seems as though everything commercial nowadays has been revolutionised by the Internet. Socialising, selling goods and services, calling for taxis or food delivery, and the list goes on.

The latest to be turning towards e-commerce appears to be our favourite local shopping centre for cheap electronics – Jover Chew Squared Sim Lim Square.

New E-Commerce Platform For Sim Lim Square

It has been reported that this initiative has been “in the works for a year”.

The site has been built by a local digital agency known as “Addpetizer”.

It was also stated that “Tenants will get full autonomy to run their own e-commerce businesses on the marketplace”, similar to the operation of other e-commerce sites such as Lazada, Amazon, or Shopee.

It also appears that tenants are happy with this new initiative, TNP reports.

No Worry For Older Generation

Some of you might be thinking – “Huh? But so many people like the uncles and aunties don’t know how to use all these Internet stuff one leh, then how?”

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Fret not, because training sessions are being conducted to familiarise the tenants with e-commerce and managing online shops.

Mr Sean Chia, the head of advertising and promotions at Sim Lim Square, said that “many of the older tenants have younger shop assistants who are able to assist and facilitate their transition to this new digital marketplace”.

Nothing To Do With Collective Sale

A little over a month back, Sim Lim Square was put up for collective sale via public tender with a reserve price of $1.25 billion.

However, the mall’s management has confirmed that this initiative is not in response to the sale. As stated above, this has been in the works for over a year.

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This is instead an initiative to boost engagement and create new channels for customer outreach.

Mr Sean Chia has also stated that they needed to “constantly evolve” and they sought to be the forefront of IT retail.

The Revolution Of The Internet

With this initiative, it seems that nothing is safe from the clutches of the World Wide Web.

While tradition, nostalgia, and more may be forsaken, the Internet is truly a wonderous revolution that helps everyone.

It was reported earlier this year that IMDA, SingTel, and DBS had developed a new e-commerce site together known as 99%SME.

This campaign was an effort to help SMEs(Small and Medium Enterprises) adopt the digital channel and boost their businesses.

The way I see it, you could either try to resist and fight this new wave of commerce, or just surf it to your advantage.

And also, with e-commerce, we won’t be Jover-Chewed.