People in S’pore Come Together to Sing ‘Home’ & Here Are Some Brave Bad Singers With The Best Intentions

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Last month, when the call to clap for frontline workers was sounded, people all over Singapore stopped what they were doing and went out to clap.

Back then, we weren’t stuck at home and so the impact from the coronavirus wasn’t that strong yet.

When we were all enlisted into the fight from 7 April 2020 onwards, we finally felt the full impact of the virus, and so, when the call for us to sing “Home” was sounded, people all over Singapore went to their balconies and windows to sing, even when most of us are tone-deaf.

This happened earlier at 7:55pm, and trust me when I said this: this moment would come down in history as the day when people in Singapore come together to show the nasty bug that it can bring down our economy, it can bring down our businesses and it can bring down our bubble tea, but it can’t bring down our spirits.

This is something that you’d have expected:

And this is how professional it all sounded like:

Because as other media would surely show some of the better singers out there, we’re going to show you the worst singers, simply because it takes courage for a tone-deaf singer to sing aloud in front of everyone.

And courage is what we have now.

I didn’t know even if this guy knows the melody for “Home” but he sure knows how to fight the virus.

This bear doesn’t even know the lyrics well, and its voice hasn’t even broken, but it’s still doing its part.

This auntie is screaming, and the virus would run away from her and from Singapore for her angry screaming. And I’m 101% sure she only remembers the chorus.


This sounds like my friendly Encik in the army. I didn’t know he’s so scared of his kids.

This is when you have a tone-deaf husband and a professional singer as a wife. Sounds pretty much like any duet you hear in KTV, just with much more meaning.

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This doesn’t even have a word.

How much can you earn from delivering food with foodpanda in Singapore? We tried it out for you, and the amount is apparently not what we’ve expected:

This is even better: it’s completely silent, which means she’s silencing the virus with a video.

Mr Coronavirus, now that you see how courage looks like, I suggest you to head back to Mars now, because there are many more out there.

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