Why S’pore Should Pay the Bills for All COVID-19 Patients, Including Foreigners or Even Martians

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Just recently, we published an article about a woman who vlogged about her experience in NCID, and it was eye-opening.

A group of us watched it together, and the reactions we had were

  • Wah, the food!
  • Wah, the view!
  • Wah, the girl so pretty!

But surprisingly (and rather unsurprisingly), there were some people on Facebook, the place where angry people gather to talk, who wondered why Singapore should pay the bills for foreigners who might have COVID-19 here in Singapore.

It’s indeed a tad shocking to know that some people were unhappy with this decision of Singapore paying for all COVID-19 bills, so let us address the elephant in the room.

Why Singapore Should Pay the Bills for All COVID-19 Patients, Including Foreigners or Even Martians

A Facebook user actually made the point here:

If that isn’t convincing enough, let’s use a story instead.

The Story of Hui En Who Can Make Some Good Kopi-O

Hui En works in Singapore as a coffeeshop assistant. She had come back from China after Chinese New Year, and completed her 14-LOA without symptoms. Everything looks okay; but one morning, she had a serious cough and a slight fever.

There is a chance that she’s infected with COVID-19 as she lives with another Chinese national who’s just arrived in Singapore and is currently serving her 14-day Stay-Home Notice (SHN).

And here are two scenarios that’ll pan out.

Scenario #1: If Singapore Pays for All COVID-19 Bills in Singapore, Including Foreigners and Aliens Like Vulcans or Klingons

Hui En would go visit a GP, and soon, the GP might send her direct to NCID for a check-up.

She might be tested positive, and her housemate was tested as well. It turns out that her housemate was carrying the virus even without symptoms.

That night, Singapore reports two more cases of COVID-19, but it’s contained.

Hui En and friend live in the five-star room without worrying about her bills. The only worry Singapore now have? Some people are going to have lousy kopi-o for a while.


And on the other end of the spectrum…

Scenario #2: If Singapore Only Pays for All COVID-19 Bill for Singaporeans; Foreigners Will Be Treated But Have to Eventually Pay the Bills

Now, in this scenario, what do you think Hui En would do?

She’s come to Singapore for a better life and to earn money; the bills are going to end her dreams altogether.

So, instead of visiting a GP, she downed Panadols and cough syrup, and appeared almost symptom-free every day.

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And for all you know, she and her housemate might just go on to infect more people unknowingly. After all, both of them didn’t know that they carry the virus.

And what’ll happen after that?


We’ve have a cluster that no one knows.

To put it bluntly, we might become a Daegu.

Just because we refused to pay the bills which we definitely have the capability to do so.

Long-Term + Best Solution VS Short-Term + Fast Solution

Fighting the COVID-19 isn’t a short-term solution.

For example, the staggered entry of people who’re coming back from China might affect businesses and our economy, but finding the best solution here is key, instead of the fastest solution.


Giving in to popular decisions would lead to repercussions in the future; see how well Singapore is managing the situation now? There is zero case today.

After all, remember: he who doesn’t have to face the consequences always gives the worst advice.

So if you still have friends who wonder why Singapore is paying a Klingon’s bills, then tell him or her about Hui En’s story.

In the meantime, keep yourself updated by bookmarking MOH’s website here and registering for the Gov.sg’s WhatsApp service here.