Video of How a Person in S’pore Saved a Puppy From a Drain & Nursed It Back to Health Got Over 1.7 Million Views Worldwide


If there’s just one thing that can unite the world, it’s cute animals. Just look at this precious little doggo:

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Mlemories from 7 weeks old.

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Sadly, cute puppies don’t just spawn from sugars and rainbows. This particular pup was found in a drain, too weak to even walk properly.

Spoiler alert: the doggo is fine and now leads a happy doggo life. You can stop being worried because this is her now:

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Rosie, the black mongrel, had a recovery so inspirational that The Dodo, a popular social media channel for uplifting animal stories picked up and interviewed the owners @ohseewhyy and @meiyonnaise.

The post on TheDodo quickly blew up and got an astonishing 1.8 million views:

If you’re unable to watch the video for whatever reason, here’s what happened.

The Story Of Rosie, From Abandoned Pup to Healthy Doggo

On 2 April 2019, Oh Chin Ying found the six-week-old pup abandoned in a drain in Pasir Ris. Seeing that a heavy downpour was impending and the pup was too weak to even get up, he brought her to the nearest vet.

The emaciated Rosie was given her first meal in days, but the vet also diagnosed her with a bunch of diseases and gave a 40% chance of survival to even make it into the next day.

“Don’t be surprised if you wake up tomorrow and she’s gone.”

With love and care, Rosie survived the two days after getting picked up and slowly recuperated enough to take her first steps on her own.

And as a seven-week-old pup, she was able to display her personality:


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When Rosie was just a 7-week-old pupper 😭😭😭

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So the movie cliches that love can conquer anything is true after all.

A full year later, Rosie is all grown up as a healthy doggo.

Oh, how did the owners know Rosie was six-weeks-old? They just guessed and anyhowly say that’s her age. Here’s Rosie celebrating her fake first birthday:


A montage of Rosie’s road to recovery can also be found on the owner’s Facebook page.

The happy doggo colours every single day she spends with her owners, and they remain eternally grateful to the friends and family who pitched in the money for Rosie’s treatment.

What a beautiful story.

I’m not crying. You’re crying.

Reminder: Not Every Doggo Has A Home

Unfortunately, the ugly side of an uplifting story like this is that there are many doggos like Rosie who did not get rescued.

Rosie’s owners remind us that “There are still thousands of stray dogs living without any food to eat, a roof over their heads, or a human to love them.”


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Greetings from Singapore!! We wanted to say hi to all our new friends here from the amazing video feature on Rosie by @thedodo IG We started this morning with barely 150 followers and now we get to share Rosie’s story with over 5000 of you!! We are extremely lucky to have found Rosie in April last year, and since then she’s been colouring our lives every single day. We genuinely do not know what we would do without her. We’ve read through as many of your sweet messages and comments as we could, and we are so thankful that Rosie’s story gets to be shared with the rest of the world. It’s amazing that @thedodo has decided to feature a story from Singapore. However, the harsh reality is that not every stray dog in Singapore is as lucky as Rosie. There are still thousands of stray dogs living without any food to eat, a roof over their heads, or a human to love them. But thankfully, there are dog shelters like @asdsingapore who are working tirelessly every day to give these dogs a home. If you’ve been moved by Rosie’s story and wish to help other dogs who are in the same plight as she was, it would mean the world to Rosie and us if you’d lend a hand to your local shelter today. Volunteer, donate, adopt not shop; there’s always an avenue to help the stray dogs in your area. We are so excited to continue sharing Rosie’s story with you so stay tuned to this page as we update it with her rescue story, as well as her daily shenanigans! P.S. Swipe right for a true glow up.

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They urge people who were moved by Rosie’s story to lend a hand to their local dog shelters (such as @asdsingapore), and to volunteer, donate, and adopt stray dogs.