PM Lee’s Wife Shared Images of How EXPO Turned Their Halls into Isolation Facilities Within Days

Lest you’re not aware, Singapore has a pretty good strategy to ensure that should our curve become steep, our healthcare system isn’t strained.

Image: YouTube (It’s Okay To Be Smart)

We’re isolating patients who have no or mild symptoms to other places instead of public hospital even if they still have the coronavirus in them. This will ensure that our public hospitals are always prepared for a spike in cases.

Which we shouldn’t have lah unless you’re reading this in a hawker centre while having your bak kut teh.

A few places have been shortlisted and as of yesterday, 454 patients have been sent to those “Community Isolation Facilities”.

One of these places is D’Resort NTUC in Pasir Ris, a place which we’d have all once spent a night in. That site can accommodate up to 500 people.

And recently, it was announced that Singapore Expo would also be converted into a community isolation facility.

Image: My Guide Singapore

But how does it work, given that D’Resort NTUC has rooms for patients while Singapore Expo is essentially a big hall?

Well, you improvise.

PM Lee’s Wife Shared Images of How EXPO Turned Their Halls into Isolation Facilities Within Days

Here’s how Singapore Expo used to look like:

Image: SPH Integrated Marketing

And here’s how it looks like now:

Image: Facebook (HO Ching)
Image: Facebook (HO Ching)

Ho Ching, PM Lee’s wife who is very active in Facebook, showed us how Singapore Expo is transformed from a venue for people to crowd around into a venue that isolates patients.

She said in the first image:

A huge thank you to all various ppl working flat out, including into the wee hours of the morning.

Fast but systematic, passionate but steady.

Real professionals, no fuss, no fussiness.

SGunited, not just Singaporeans only, but everyone on this little red dot, and beyond too. We are one.

Whether in caring for patients, in searching for a treatment candidate, in organising air flown eggs, in looking for solutions for their grandma, in caring for their neighbours, we all share a heart for people and a better world.

Take care, all, and keep safe.

Singapore Expo has said on its website that the entire place is now closed to public.

Not that we can go there anyways.

According to them, this is the first time in history that the venue is being repurposed.

In case you’re not aware, Singapore Expo is actually owned by the Singapore Government, and has 100,000 sqm of space with over 10 halls.


For comparison’s sake, that’s about 900 five-room HDB flats we’re talking about.

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