S’pore to Import Eggs from Brunei, Which Will Be S’pore’s 17th Importer


There is no doubt that eggs are a staple food in our lives. Their versatility makes them a nutritious source of protein whether you eat them for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Who doesn’t love a hearty breakfast of soft-boil eggs and kaya toast?

Unless you’re allergic to eggs (my condolences), this egg-cellent piece of news is bound to make the mouths of all egg lovers water.

Brunei Becomes Singapore’s 17th Egg Exporter

The news was announced on 13 December, following Minister Fu’s first day on her official visit to Brunei.

Here’s the scoop: the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has accredited Brunei as a new exporter of eggs to Singapore.

Singapore also exports eggs from Malaysia, Japan, Australia and many other countries. The addition of Brunei brings the total number of egg exporters to 17.

That’s a number that is pretty hard to beat.

The eggs are from Brunei’s Golden Chick Livestock Farm and will be imported by Dasoon Eggs, a local supplier. They’re working hard and fast to bring the eggs over to Singapore. In fact, Dasoon has already brought in two small shipments of eggs.

Considering how Singapore and Brunei have been working to strengthen their ties and boost food security, this decision is a welcomed agreement. Brunei’s geography makes it an ideal place for food shipment to Singapore, as its close proximity makes the shipping process faster. 

With this accreditation, Singapore hopes there will be new markets for the agri-tech industry in Brunei due to the egg-celeration of business growth for farms in the country

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Relations Between Brunei and Singapore

Brunei and Singapore have enjoyed close relations for a long time.

If you go to Brunei, you will realise that Brunei’s currency is on par with Singapore’s. This means you wouldn’t need to go through the hassle of converting your Singapore currency to Brunei dollars.

The reason why this is so is because of the 1967 Currency Interchangeability Agreement, an agreement that allows the exchange of Singaporean and Brunei currency at par and without charge.

More recently, Singapore and Brunei have been working together to strengthen food safety. Besides accrediting Brunei as Singapore’s newest egg exporter, there was also an agreement in August to improve trade and investment in food and medical products.

These mutually beneficial agreements are a testament to our good relations with Brunei.

If you think Minister Fu’s visit to Brunei is to play-play, think again.


She will also be meeting with Brunei’s Minister of Development and Minister of Primary Resources and Tourism to discuss other pressing matters regarding the environment and sustainability.

Why This Agreement?

Did you know that Singapore imports 70% of our eggs?

As a small island with no natural resources of our own, it is essential for us to find new ways of diversifying food sources to maintain food security. From 2019 till now, Singapore has increased the total number of egg-exporting countries and regions from 12 to 17. 

While most of Singapore’s eggs are imported from Malaysia, the amount has gone down over the years, especially since Malaysia is currently having an egg shortage and will be importing the product for now.

The chicken egg shortage in Malaysia is mostly due to the recent increase in prices of maize and soya bean meals, the key components of chicken feed.


The gahmen’s efforts to diversify food sources have helped Singapore maintain food stability even when there are disruptions to our food supply. 

That’s probably why we still spot chickens in our local parks, since nobody has had to eat them or harvest their eggs out of desperation. Thanks gahmen!

SFA’s Strict Regulations

Reader: Would the quality of our eggs be compromised?

The SFA has strict regulations on the eggs that can be imported to Singapore.

Firstly, they must come from sources with accreditation. In addition, they must meet the standards of food safety and animal health standards set by the SFA. Furthermore, as part of the accreditation process, inspections on both farms and eggs take place in order to ensure that your eggs maintain a good quality. 

With that said, go forth and release your egg-citement, dear reader. Eat eggs to your heart’s content (but not till you get a tummy ache) and maybe spice up your cooking by learning more ways to cook those delicious eggs.


I’ll stop with the egg puns now. 

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