S’pore Negative Blood Stocks Low; Red Cross Urges Donors to Come Forward

Do you know what a Rh(D) negative blood type is? I bet you don’t, but here’s a simple explanation: as long as your blood type ends with a – (i.g. negative), you’ve a Rh(D) negative blood type.

This means we’re referring to these blood groups: A-, B-, AB- and O-.


This blood group is rather rare: in Singapore, less than 1% of the population has a Rh(D) negative blood type.

Which means when the stock in the blood bank is low, it’ll be challenging to stock up.

And that’s what’s happening in Singapore.

S’pore Negative Blood Stocks Low; Red Cross Urges Donors to Come Forward

According to Red Cross Singapore, Singapore’s Rh(D) negative blood stocks are running low.

As mentioned in the post, you can book an appointment at any of the blood banks here:

Alternatively, there are several community blood drives in other locations which you can find here:

If you’re a first-time blood donor, fret not; we’ve got your back.

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How It’s Like to Donate Blood in Singapore

It’ll take agak agak one hour for the entire process, including the waiting time and doctor’s appointment.

To be eligible, you need to be healthy, aged between 16 and 60, and weigh at least 45kg.

You can go to for more info.

The process to donate blood is relatively easy: after you’ve made your appointment, just head down to the blood bank and fill up a form.

You’d then go through a short consultation with a doctor (free check-up, yo!) and be tested for your iron level, so make sure you consume some iron-rich food before heading down. You would be asked to come back if your iron level is low.


After that, you’ll just sit down and chat with the nurse, who’s always friendly. If you want to, bring your bae along so that he or she can just sit beside you to chat.

Then everything will be done; simple as that!

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