A S’porean Nurse Deployed to Expo Was Test Positive for COVID-19

The Singapore Expo has been converted into a community care facility and tons of medical support, including SAF and Health Promotion Board’s nurses, were deployed to help care for the patient there.

One nurse working for the Health Promotion Board (HPB) has been tested positive for Covid-19.

Case 17881

According to the Ministry of Health (MOH), case 17,881 is a 34-year-old nurse employed by HPB and deployed to Expo has tested positive for Covid-19 on 2 May 2020.

She has no recent travel history to affected countries or regions and is now warded at the National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID).

She has not been to work since the onset of symptoms.

Singapore Expo

The community care facility at Singapore Expo houses Covid-19 patients who have recovered but might still exhibit milder symptoms or be infectious.

These patients do not need as much medical care as those warded in hospitals but will still be provided with medical attention.

This way, more space can be freed up at Singapore’s hospitals for critically ill patients.

SAF Deployed 100 Soldiers To Help Care For Patients

The Singapore Armed Forces have sent a force of 100 soldiers to help contribute in Singapore’s fight against Covid-19.

The soldiers comprised of NSFs, NSMen as well as regulars.

The NSMen also extended their ICT (reservist training) to do so.

Instead of the normal 14-day high key ICT, they are serving 20 or 21 days of ICT because they have to be trained and prepared before they can be placed on the job.

The soldiers work 8-hour shifts and will conduct swab tests, as well as review patients’ medical records and categorise them accordingly.

One of the soldiers interviewed said that it was “worthwhile” as they are tapping on their expertise to help Singapore.

Supporting Our Healthcare Workers

One thing that can make you proud to be living here in Singapore, is how members of the public are finally switching from discriminating healthcare workers to lauding them for their efforts.

Besides clapping for them at 8pm on a certain night, the Ministry of Health is calling for volunteers to help support the healthcare workforce in Singapore.

Image: healthcarecorps.gov.sg

And it doesn’t matter whether you’re medically-trained or not, they welcome any willing hands onboard.

As long as you complete their training (which is free of charge), you can be deployed to areas where you’ll support healthcare workers and be paid for it too.

You can find out more here.