Singapore Social Cast Open to New Season But Want Creative Control

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By now, you’re probably familiar with Singapore Social, a reality TV-series which features 6 Singapore influencers and their lives while navigating, work, fun and play.

Unfortunately, the series wasn’t exactly a hit with Singaporeans.

The problems they faced are, to put it bluntly, all first-world problems that we laymen would never have the chance to face.

But are the casts open to coming back for a season 2 after the negative feedback?

Apparently, they are.

Singapore Social Cast Members Meet Up

On 28 Dec 2020, a 22-minute video showing four cast members of the show meeting up was uploaded onto Instagram.

The cast present includes tech entrepreneur Nicole Ong, fashion influencer Mae Tan, YouTube personality Vinny Sharp and actor-model Paul Foster (aka the Mayor of Singapore).


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Burlesque dancer Sukki Singapora later joined in via a phone call from the UK.

In the video, the four cast members answer questions about Singapore Social thrown at them.

Opinions About The Show

With regards to the unfavourable opinion of the show, Sharp said that it was a “slight culture shock” for Singaporeans who are not used to the reality TV show format.

It also didn’t help that the name of the show, Singapore Social, forms the expectation for the show to represent Singapore holistically, something that, according to him, is “impossible to bequeath” to just six individuals.

Mae, on the other hand, felt that they could not tell their stories fully.

Pointing out that only a few of the over 500 hours of footage was used, there was a lot that the audience did not get to see.

Over the phone, Sukki expressed how weird it was to have no control over how she was portrayed on-screen.

She would like to be judged based on the “real” her instead of the on-screen her.


Open to New Season But Want Creative Control

Singapore Social has yet to renew but when asked about whether they’ll want to return for a season two, the cast members present said yes.

But on one condition.

They want creative control.

Sukki felt that the feedback from fans praising the Asian representation on Netflix was worth the negativity of the show, and she would return to the show “for that reason alone”.

Mae, on the other hand, says it’ll be nice for the cast to be able to choose what they want to portray, instead of giving what the audience wants to see.

She added that she’ll only do season two if she gets to become the executive producer.


As for whether Singapore Social 2 will ever come true, I guess only time will tell.

You can view the full video below:


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Feature Image: Instagram (paulfosterrr)

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