S’porean Couple Have Their Wedding in HDB Flat With 400 Attendees in Zoom

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Marriage looks a little different these days.

Image: Euronews

Since the coronavirus loves large groups of people packed close together, lovers have had to abandon all plans of a traditional wedding.

That’s okay, though. It’s 2020, and with the help of technology, all your friends and family can attend your wedding without even leaving their homes.

S’porean Couple Have Their Wedding in HDB Flat With 400 Attendees in Zoom

400 people attended a Singaporean couple’s wedding on videoconferencing app Zoom last Sunday (17 May).

Amos Pang and Natasha Goh, both 29, first met in 2018 while volunteering at Bethesda Bedok-Tampines Church.

Pang, the groom, said that he was attracted to Goh as she was “quirky” and had strong points of views.

Conversely, Goh really liked how Pang “gave himself to people and to causes very self-sacrificially”.

The couple started dating on 17 December 2018.

No Gatherings? No Problem

But why would they want to get married now when they could wait a couple of months down the road in front of all their friends and family?

Speaking to Mothership, Pang sai ’17’ was a significant number for them because they started dating on 17 December two years ago.

But they also wanted many people to attend the ceremony, so they decided to have a Zoom wedding, due to the prohibition of large social gatherings.

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Photo Slideshow, E-Angbaos, and Proposal Videos

No online wedding would be complete with a romantic proposal video, right?

YouTube video

In the video, Pang sweetly serenades Goh before getting down on one knee to propose.

This is too adorable.


Then, it was time for the wedding ceremony.

The couple’s wedding began at 4pm last Sunday with a photo slideshow of the couple’s dating years.

Guests could also send the couple E-Angbaos through PayNow and PayLah, which is certainly more convenient than waiting till Phase 1 of the circuit breaker is over to hand them some ang baos.

Image: YouTube

According to Mothership, there was also a padlet where guests could write or even draw their well-wishes.

Image: Padlet

In case you don’t know, a padlet is an app where you can create an online bulletin board of sorts and add images, links, videos, and messages.

Next, Goh was escorted by her father to Pang’s house.

Image: Zoom

Reader: Wait, aren’t social visits banned at the moment?

Why do you like ruining everything?

Reader: All my other hobbies require me to leave my home.

The couple may have already been living together, so this may not have been a social visit.

After the bride was received by Pang in his home, the worship service, solemnisation, and the signing of marriage papers were conducted.

Image: Zoom

And when I said 400 people attended the wedding, I wasn’t kidding.

Image: YouTube
Image: YouTube

One advantage of having a Zoom wedding is that you don’t have to decide who seats next to whom.

Guest at a regular wedding: Aiyoh, they put me with this relative that they’ve never even met before, they must not like me.

It can be hard to convey your congratulations without a warm hug and some kind words in person, so Pang’s friends made a special surprise video for the couple.


There was even a photo-taking session on the Zoom call, as the couple and guests were split into 27 different breakout rooms for photos, reported Mothership.

The ceremony lasted about an hour and was emceed by Goh’s sister.

Image: YouTube

If you want to feel all warm and fuzzy inside, you can watch the video of the ceremony:

YouTube video

The coronavirus has taken many things away from us, but love clearly isn’t one of them.


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