Singapore’s Only Natural Hotspring, Sembawang Hot Spring Park To Open In January 2020

Did you know we actually have a natural hot spring right here on mainland Singapore?

Located at the Sembawang Air Base grounds, the Sembawang Hot Spring can be pretty much considered a national treasure, being the only one of its kind on the mainland.

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Don’t rush out of your house to explore this hidden gem and soak in the amazing hot waters just yet.

Because it’s closed.

Well, for now at least.

Sembawang Hot Spring Park Opening in January 2020

The hot spring was closed for development in August 2018.

It’s now been more than a year and the park is expected to be completed by October 2019.

However, the public will have to wait a few more months to actually be able to enter the park, as the roads leading to the park will only be ready in January 2020.

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I know what you must be thinking. Huh, so long?

But you know, as the saying goes, good things come to those who wait.

“The construction works for Sembawang Hot Spring Park will be completed by October 2019. However, the opening of the park is planned for January 2020 to allow for the completion of works in the vicinity of the development, which affect access to the park,” said NParks to The Straits Times.

The new and improved version, called Sembawang Hot Spring Park, will include a cafe and a floral walk.

It will also have sheltered seating areas, bicycle racks, toilets and a storage area for pails.

And I saved the best for the last. There’s also going to be…*drumroll please*…a cascading pool!

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The pool also comes with a temperature meter.

History of the Sembawang Hot Spring

Back in 2017, when the plans to redevelop Sembawang Hot Spring was first unveiled, Minister for Education and Sembawang GRC MP,  Mr Ong Ye Kung, said, “We are a concrete jungle…to find a jewel like this in the middle of Singapore is really rare so we are determined to keep this in the kampung spirit and the kampung rustic feel.”

And when exactly was this jewel found?

No, not the one at Changi Airport. Pay attention.

It was first found by a Chinese merchant, Seah Eng Keong, in 1909. The village in that area was called “Kampong Ayer Panas”, which translates to”hot water village” in Malay.

People believed that the water from the spring could cure rheumatism, and also heal skin problems such as acne or psoriasis.

Lots of Things To Do At The Park

With the park opening in a few months’ time, you now have somewhere new to go with your family and friends.


It is likely to be crowded, since there are a lot of people eagerly waiting for the park to open, especially those who used to frequently visit the hot spring before it closed.

Image: NParks

Apart from soaking yourselves in the water, you can also cook eggs, instant noodles…the possibilities are endless!

The new developments also allow you to cycle around the area, or take a romantic stroll through the Floral Walk.

I guess this gives us a great reason to look forward to 2020.

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