SingPost Came Out With Stamps That Are Longer Than Some Envelopes

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2020 will be remembered for a lot of things.

A new deadly virus emerged, the US authorities released three UFO videos, and Shakira and Jennifer Lopez did a concert together.

Here in Singapore, our beloved bubble tea was temporarily taken away, opposition parties won a record number of seats in parliament, and SIA started offering food delivery.

Yes, it’s been a weird year. 

Now, 2020 will be remembered for something even more momentous: the introduction of a rather long stamp.

SingPost Coming Out With Stamps That Are Longer Than Some Envelopes

SingPost is issuing the longest single stamp in Singapore’s history as part of a new two-stamp set, the courier company said on Wednesday (14 Oct).

The longer stamp – valued at $2 –  features a panorama of Singapore’s world-renowned skyline of the Marina Bay Central Business District.

It will depict skyscrapers in the business district, heritage buildings in the civic district, the award-winning gardens and leisure attractions that line the Singapore River, as well as Singapore’s high-rise homes and the ship-filled strait in the background.

It has a length of 163.2mm (longer than the ruler you used to grab your crush’s attention in primary school), which means you’re going to need some long-ass envelopes if you want to use this stamp.

Image: SingPost

Now I’m not exactly a fan of stamps, but you’ve got to admit, this one is pretty beautiful.

For comparison’s sake, SingPost said that its recently-issued Singapore Mascots stamp measures 29.85 millimetres in length.

Image: SingPost

They weren’t kidding when they said it was the longest in the country’s history.

The smaller stamp, which has a denomination of S$1.40, will feature one of Singapore’s longest HDB flats – Block 34 in Whampoa West.

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“Built in 1971, the residential building is famous for its 320-metre long corridor, featuring a staggering 46 apartments on each floor,” SingPost said.

This stamp is much smaller – only 49 millimetres long – and will probably fit on most envelopes, unless you’re pen pals with a rodent.

Image: SingPost

Both stamps will go on sale today (15 Oct).

Those who are interested can get a Pre-cancelled First Day Cover with stamps for S$4.90.  A Presentation Pack is also available for S$5.95.

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Both stamps will be available at all post offices, Philatelic Stores, and online at, while stocks last, SingPost said.

Is there a possibility that in 50 years, 2020 will be remembered as the year we created the longest ever stamp rather than the year a pandemic nearly wiped the whole world out?


Well, it’s highly unlikely, but we can certainly dream.