SingPost Staff Caught Red-handed ‘Cheating’ Customer; Customer Made Police Report & SingPost Has Responded

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SingPost ended 2018 with an opened can of worms.

Back in December 2018, Andy Lau, a Singapore Facebook user instead of a Hong Kong actor, alleged that its postman had delivered a collection slip instead of a parcel after knocking for mere seconds.

Soon after, netizens shared their stories of how SingPost postmen had merely passed the delivery slips instead of sending the parcels, and let’s just say that people are extremely triggered.

Of course, this boils down to individual postman as we know the postman in our office area is one of the best (and friendliest!) in Singapore, but I digress.

(Postman Bro for Bukit Batok Crescent, if you’re reading this, don’t worry we’ll still support you!)

If SingPost is hoping that 2019 would start well, and that everyone would forget about Andy Lau, they’re unfortunately wrong.

Because on 10 January 2019, Wanbao, undoubtedly best-est CSI expert in the whole of Singapore, reported something that’s going to take SingPost’s PR crisis to a whole new level.

About SingPost’s Business Service

If you’ve locked your letterbox and wondered why you’re still receiving flyers in it, don’t worry, your letterbox isn’t compromised: instead, people have paid SingPost to insert flyers directly into your mailbox.

Businesses would have to pay SingPost to do so, and they’re the only one who can do it since they’re the only company to have access to your letterbox. If other businesses want to market their services or products through flyers to households, they’ll have to get people to put the flyer on the flat’s gates instead, which obviously would take more resources.

So, a business owner had decided to use this service to promote his massage parlour business. He paid $7,000 to deliver a total of 65,000 flyers back on 19 November 2018, and was told that the distribution period would be from 26 November 2018 to 4 December 2018.

He had targeted the area of Sengkang / Punggol, and all was well…until shit hit the fan.

Flyers Not Received

The business owner lives in Sengkang and was puzzled that he did not receive any flyer. His relative who also lives in Sengkang allegedly did not receive any either. Two of his staff, who live in Punggol, reportedly also did not receive the flyers.

He then contacted SingPost and the company sent him photos of the flyers in the letterboxes.

Well, the story should end here because there’s nothing the business owner could do now since there’s proof, right?

Apparently not.

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Something’s wrong with the photos and no, they weren’t photoshopped.

Photos of “Different Flyers” that Show “Different” Letterboxes Have The Same Marks

Upon closer look at the photos, it looks like the “different flyers” in “different mailboxes” look to be the same flyer: there’s a handwritten number “2709” (can buy 4D today liao) and scratches at the exact same spot in the “flyers”.

Now, any sane people would come to the same conclusion: did the postman merely put a flyer on letterbox A, take a picture, then put the same flyer on letterbox B and take a picture?

If so, that postman must have been one of the worst liars ever.

The business owner then made a police report and contacted SingPost, but has allegedly not received a reply.

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Mothership Sailed into the Story with New Details

According to Mothership.SG, SingPost has responded and it’s due to “lapses”; they have since taken disciplinary action against the staff involved.

A check on SingPost’s Facebook Page didn’t reveal anything about this incident (yet).


All in all, there were two lapses: the first was the postman’s alleged dishonest practice and the second is the investigation that led to a fake photo being sent.

Here’s SingPost’s statement:

SingPost takes customer feedback seriously and a series of investigations was launched following the issues raised by Mr Johnson Tan (the business owner).

The first round of investigations was launched when Mr Tan contacted SingPost on 7 December 2018. We had shared our findings with Mr Tan in mid-December. When Mr Tan had an extra round of concerns, SingPost launched another investigation into his claims. This time, acting on the pointers raised by Mr Tan, the findings indicated that our ground teams had indeed been negligent in the first round of investigations. We have since closed the loop on these gaps, including disciplinary action taken against offenders.

We thank Mr Tan for working closely with us and giving us the opportunity to improve on our processes. At the same time, SingPost will use this as another learning opportunity to better its processes. We thank Mr Tan and the public for their patience with us.


According to Mothership.SG, SingPost would be giving the business owner a full refund.

But honestly, you’ve got to wonder: did the postman deliver at least a certain percentage of the flyers, or did they all go into the fifth dimension?

And one more thing: is it just me, or did you not see the word “apology” or “sorry” anywhere?