SingPost’s Enquiry Form Has A Hidden Function That Allows You To Stop Getting Ad Mailers

Imagine this: you open up your mailbox, expecting to see your monthly bills.

But what you see is tons and tons of


And there’s nothing much you can do about it because it’s not flyer distributors slotting it into your mailbox.

It’s placed there by the GM of the postboxes:

Image: Singapore Post

But if you don’t like ad mailers from SingPost…

You Can Actually Do Something About It

There’s a little hidden function in SingPost’s handy little “Send An Enquiry” form that most people might’ve forgotten about.

First, click on the “Contact Us” button on SingPost’s main homepage.

Image: Screengrab from SingPost Website

It’ll bring you to their Support Centre webpage.

Click on the “Send an Enquiry” button located on the right-hand side of the Support Centre.

Image: Screengrab from SingPost Website

And it’ll bring you to this form:

Image: Screengrab from SingPost Website

Choose Postal for the service type and Advertising Mail for the category and a hidden sub-category will be revealed to your eyes.

Image: Screengrab from SingPost Website

Then all you have to do is to select the “Opt-Out Service”

Image: Screengrab from SingPost Website

And fill in your particulars.

That’s it.

SingPost will paste the orange “No Admail” sticker on your letterbox and you’ll (hopefully) not see any more ads in it.

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It Was Actually A Hidden Secret

So, you’re thinking: wait, that’s so well-hidden. How the heck did anyone find it?

Well, the starting point of this hidden function coming to light might’ve been back in 2016.

Back then, CNA ran a story on SingPost:

S’poreans Welcome Ad Mails Because Only 0.8% of 1.2m People Opted Out From Service

It was said that SingPost allows residents to opt-out of receiving advertising mails from the postal service.

And if they had opted out, they would have an orange “No Admail” sticker pasted on their letterbox.

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SingPost personnel, once they see this, will not distribute any flyers to said letterboxes.

Unfortunately, Singaporeans back then didn’t believe in SingPost’s claims.


Basically, they think that people not knowing about the opt-out service doesn’t mean they welcome junk mails.

Image: Facebook via

And with that, the internet got cracking and the secret “opt-out” service was soon discovered and publicised.

Should You Opt-Out?

So, here’s the thing: should you opt-out of the service?

That depends.

How irritated are you with receiving junk mails? As an HDB resident for nearly my entire life, I’ll say that receiving junk mails or not doesn’t make a difference.


In fact, I get my best deals (read: KFC coupons) from said advertising mailers sometimes. But that’s just me.

And don’t worry about regretting your decision if you’ve opt-out of the service.

You can always write in to revoke the “No Admail” status of your letterbox.

The enquiry form (read: the place to opt-out) can be found here.

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