New Tik Tok Challenge Of Tricking Friends To Jump & Tripping Them Is So Dangerous One Person Died Doing It

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Coronavirus, new dengue strain, hoarding; but no matter what happens, one thing never changes. The stupidity of challenges.

Granted, some aren’t that bad but the latest Tik Tok trend scored pretty high on the “retard” level.

The Skull Breaker Challenge

According to WorldofBuzz, a new Tik Tok challenge has emerged.

And compared to the Kiki challenge where people get out of moving cars to dance, this is infinitely more dangerous.

First, you’ll need three people. Two must be in the know, while one (standing in the middle) is unaware of what’s going on.

Then, you get him or her to jump up together with you.

Without warning, both of you jumped while the one in the middle isn’t ready yet.

And when he or she finally jumps, you swipe his or her legs out from beneath them.

skull breaker challenge
Image: WorldofBuzz

*BOOM! Killing Spree*

Here, you can watch a video of the challenge yourself:

YouTube video

An Incredibly Dangerous Trend

Even a non-medical student can probably tell you how dangerous the skull breaker challenge is.

When unprepared, a person might not be able to protect their heads in time.

And when the back of their skull comes into contact with the floor? A concussion would be the least of their worries.

A 16-year-old Brazillian girl, Emanuela Medeiros, reportedly died when her friends attempted it on her.

She was immediately sent to a nearby hospital but sadly passed away.


Kids Are Impressionable

While these trends might seem dumb to us, kids might not think so. After all, the cool factor is something important to them.

If not, why would youths in Singapore drink from bottles in Fairprice and place them back onto the shelves?

Or simply do pushups on a busy road?

Now, you can’t ban your kids from Tik Tok because we all know kids, right? The more you forbid them from doing something, the more they’ll do it.

However, what you can do is to let them know the possible consequences of doing something dumb and against the law.

Then you simply hope for the best.


One thing for sure, though: Please don’t do the skull breaker challenge. You might really break your skull.

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