No Refunds for Sky Lantern Festival in Sentosa; Event Rescheduled to April 2024


Strap in, we have the latest update on the Sky Lantern fiasco that happened in Palawan Green, Sentosa on 21 February 2024.

The last we heard, we had found out about the reasons why this promising Sky Lantern Festival was reportedly cancelled last minute, citing inadequate safety measures and the organisers’ failure to comply with guidelines given by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), which was given to them on 31 October, and was reiterated to the organisers on multiple occasions. 

Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC) further revealed that the event organiser, Asian Couture & Boutique, did not obtain the necessary licences and clearance to meet mandated safety requirements.

Expectations VS Reality

A trial event conducted on 19 February was deemed unsatisfactory by SCDF as one of the lighted lanterns caused a small fire on the artificial turf.

And after the event was fully set up on the day itself, SCDF conducted a site inspection and realised that the organiser had failed yet again to adhere to guidelines as they “did not provide proper tethers for the sky lanterns, nor fire extinguishers, or safety marshals”.

Prior to the cancellation, the highlight of the day was advertised as a picturesque night sky lit up with numerous tethered lanterns, a night guaranteed to make any Instagram or TikTok feed look good.

Instead, event-goers who had paid S$50 per ticket (excluding booking fees) were met with immense disappointment as they were offered LED candles instead, and were told to simply tie their lanterns along the barricades of the event.

That’s like paying full price for a Taylor Swift concert but heading down to the National Stadium to watch a holographic projection. 

Not only did it rob couples of their chance to recreate that one iconic scene from Tangled or You Are the Apple of My Eye, there were also reports that the music performances and food and beverage services did not meet expectations. 

Is the event even legal, you may wonder. As a matter of fact, yes it is, albeit with some caveats from both SCDF and the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS).

You can watch the video below to find out about the rules and regulations put in place for such events to ensure the safety of Singaporean skies and land:

No Refunds for Upset Attendees; Ticket Valid for Rescheduled Event

When people had justifiably asked for a refund due to the unsatisfactory experience, most were appalled to find out that people who had already claimed their lantern and LED lights were not allowed a refund.

The remaining attendees were informed that they could ask for a refund through the ticketing platform.

The plot thickens, however, when the organisers stepped forward with their side of the story. 

Ms Shiermie Bautista of Asian Couture & Boutique revealed in a Facebook post on 27 February that they have “decided to reschedule the release (of the lanterns) to another day instead, as it might cause a stampede”.

Image: Facebook (Shiermie Bautista)

Attached alongside her post were photos of the large crowd present at the Sky Lantern Festival.

Image: Facebook (Shiermie Bautista)

She also revealed in the same post that the tickets bought at the 21 February event will be valid for the rescheduled event that will be held around the first week of April.

“For those who can’t attend the next event, you can re-sell your tickets at TicketSwap,” the post concluded. 

Shiermie Bautista promises that she will be present at the April event and make sure everything would be organised.

Image: Facebook (Shiermie Bautista)

Maybe the people who were unable to claim a refund on their ticket would be placated, and maybe the extra month-long window would allow the organisers to procure the correct equipment in order to meet safety requirements.


It all remains to be seen whether or not you can live out your romantic fantasies in Singapore or you have to shell out hundreds of dollars to travel to Taiwan instead.