Sleeping Under Heavy Blankets Are Apparently Good for Us

Last Updated on 2023-03-31 , 7:00 pm

Sleeping under a heavy blanket at night in Singapore sounds a little crazy unless your room has air-con.

And for those of us who only sleep with the fan on, heavy blankets are totally out of the question.

However, do you know that you can sleep better when you’ve a heavier blanket?



Sleeping With Heavy Blanket

Now, how does that make sense? A heavier blanket applies more pressure onto your body, causing your body to ease up and calm down as compared to lighter blankets.

Light blankets are believed to perk up your senses as lighter touches tend to excite people (Fifty Shades of Grey much?).

The weighted blanket puts the same kind of pressure on us when we are being hugged and cuddled – the kind of feeling that gives us comfort and security.

Using a weighted blanket will allow more melatonin to be produced – hormones that are responsible for our sleeping patterns. Also, serotonin will be produced which helps you to maintain your memory.

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Weighted blankets are also recommended for hyperactive children and kids with autism, as well as adults suffering from insomnia. The weight of the blanket will calm them down, and dispel anxieties.

It allows the brain to relax and eventually lull you to sleep. Also, it is  recommended for those suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

You can try making a DIY weighted blanket if you don’t want to purchase one. Watch the video below for instructions.

If you haven’t thought of sleeping with a blanket, this might just convince you to.

Oh, and, you might want to consider installing an air con unit too. Just in case it gets too hot under the blankets.

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