SLS Shop Sells Authentic Retro Games & Consoles That 90s Kids Would Recognise

When you see the headline, I bet you’re thinking of this: You’re talking about the PlayStation Classic, right? Or the NES Classic? Or worse, those knock-offs that are sold in box shops with 9,999 games but only comes in 9 games?

I won’t blame you: with emulators, anyone can create a product and pass it off as a “classic”, though of course they’re not legal.

But this shop we’re talking about doesn’t sell those products. Instead, you’ll find authentic games and consoles that don’t just bring back memories; they bring back your childhood, too.

Retro Gaming Market

Lest you’re not aware, retro gaming in the US is big—and that’s why you see the likes of PlayStation Classic or NES Classic.

Collectors in the US are willing to go all over the country to find old consoles and limited-edition games that belong to the 80s.

Some of the collectors even have YouTube channels to showcase their collection, and they’re, for the lack of a better word, nostalgic AF.

Which is why YouTube channels like Cinemassacre, which is host to the Angry Video Game Nerd show, is a hit all over the world: the show reviews retro game through an “angry nerd”, combining retro gaming with comedy.

But in Singapore?

Maybe not, considering that our hobbies are usually making money to make ends meet, making money to afford a BTO and making money to buy a new smartphone.

However, this could just change.

Shop in SLS Sells Authentic Retro Games & Consoles

It all started from a TODAYonline Facebook video: the all-digital mainstream media published a video about a shop, Retronutz, in Sim Lim Sqaure selling retro games and consoles, and it of course has to go viral.

I mean, authentic retro game consoles in Singapore?

Considered me sold.

Here’s the video:

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The child in me immediately woke up from his sleep and ta-da: here are more visuals of the shop to make you drool.

Not sure if you need to “blow” the cartridge before inserting them into the console, but come on: who cares whether they work or not?

Not unexpectedly, collectors from overseas have visited the shop before. Here’s a video by a visitor:

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Interested? Make your way there then.

1 Rochor Canal Road #03-36
Sim Lim Square Singapore 188504


View What’s Available Online First

Don’t want to make your way to Sim Lim Square only to be disappointed?

No worries; you can view some of their items in Carousell first.

A few items have the price listed, while some didn’t. They are all collectors’ items so it’s reasonable that the prices might be on the higher side.

Are Retro Gaming Really Expensive?

If you’ve watched the TODAYonline video, you’ll notice that the owner mentioned something about “products with boxes are usually more expensive.”

And that is very true. Just take a look at eBay and you’ll understand.


An original Game Boy without a box can be sold from about SGD$30…

Image: eBay

…while one with box can be sold from SGD$157.

Image: eBay

And do note that people are still bidding on them: this just shows the difference between one without box and one with box.

So if you still have that grey big thing in your house, you should probably just keep it for a few more years.

It might be worth thousands of dollars soon.

This Singapore love story set in the 90s shows you why you should never wait for tomorrow. Watch it without crying:

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