Everything About the Smart Letterbox That’ll be Used in Clementi Simplified for You


Have you ever felt that frustration of waiting for something you ordered online, but not knowing when it’ll appear in your letterbox? This may help you to overcome that frustration.

On Thursday (3 December), SingPost announced their new “smart letterbox” initiative, PostPal.

These letterboxes will send notifications straight to your mobile phone whenever you get mail. You can also check the number of items inside your mailbox. If you frequently forget to bring your letterbox key out, you’ll be pleased to know that these letterboxes do not require keys. Instead, you just need to scan a unique QR code generated by the SingPost app at your letterbox to get your mail.

PostPal is also designed with an auto-sorting machine, which increases its accuracy in sorting and storing letters.

There will be a trial for these letterboxes at Block 202 Clementi Ave 6 for a year starting on 18 December. In the following weeks to come, PostPal will also be installed at Block 205.

Perhaps, east side isn’t the best side…

Why Clementi (& Not…Yishun?)

According to SingPost, these two blocks were chosen because they represented the average mail profile of public housing.


If you’re an eastie and hoping for this initiative anytime soon, you might want to give up.

The head of postal services in Singapore at SingPost, Mr Vincent Phang, revealed that SingPost is hoping to install more PostPals in the northern part of Singapore within the next several months.

Mr Phang also mentioned that PostPal is suitable for high-rise, dense urban housing in Singapore. This makes up 80 per cent of housing in Singapore.

With technology comes even more efficiency.

PostPals are also customisable, which means it is able to adapt to different periods of the year. The sizes of the letterboxes can be customised to accommodate bigger parcels if the block sees a consistent trend in e-commerce, or even during the year-end online sale peak seasons.

Future Of Post

SingPost is now one step closer towards their Future of Post vision, Mr Phang said.

In collaboration with Pisces Technologies, a subsidiary of PBA Group (PBA Robotics), the homegrown SME specialising in systems automation worked together with SingPost to create PostPal.

Similar to SingPost, the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) had announced a nation-wide parcel locker initiative in July. This parcel locker network is aimed to be completed by end 2021. By early next year, there will be 200 lockers installed islandwide. The rest will be installed gradually over the rest of the year.

This initiative was created to cope with the rapid rise of deliveries due to the increasing trend of e-commerce.

Mr Phang revealed that SingPost is in talks with IMDA regarding the collaboration of these two initiatives to create a seamless experience for customers to collect their parcels and letters.

Here’s to the future of parcel collection (and online shopping).

Featured Image: SingPost

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