SMRT Bus Captain Spotted Shielding Passengers From Rain & Apparently, He’s Been Doing It For Years

Despite all the setbacks that SBS bus captains are receiving lately, be it being spat upon:

Being called a racist who can’t speak English:

Or just outright punched:

Some bus captains out there are still determined to do right by themselves and their passengers.

Such as this bus driver who drives bus service 963.

Big-Hearted Bus Captain Alights & Shields Passengers From Heavy Rain At Every Bus Stop

Driving a bus can be really tiring.

You need to pay attention to the roads, make sure your passengers are not doing anything unsafe and look out for irresponsible cyclists.

It’s not enough to deter this one man from getting out of his seat, opening the umbrella and shielding the passengers from the rain at every bus stop.

According to a Facebook user Dini, this incident allegedly happened on bus service 963, travelling from Seah Im bus stop to Woodlands Interchange on 15 Sep 2020.

She was seated on the second floor of the double-decker bus with her friends when they witnessed something strange.

At every bus stop, they’ll see the same umbrella reaching up high from the outside the bus.

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Posted by Dini Hashim on Monday, 14 September 2020

Turns out, the bus captain left his seat to shelter passengers boarding the bus at every single stop along the route.

If the bus was stopped too far from the stop, the bus captain will even leave the bus.

Image: Facebook

Has Been Doing It For Years

When she spoke to the bus captain, he said that this is something he’s been doing for “years”.

He pointed out that this is a “win-win” situation, both for him and the passengers.

“A win-win situation, the passengers don’t get wet, n so is the bus.”

The Facebook user who shared this story hopes that SMRT will commend the bus captain for his kind actions.

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Well bus captain, you are the living proof humanity exist. – Facebook post

I guess if this doesn’t restore your faith in humanity, nothing else will, right?

You can view her full post below:


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