SMRT Taxi Driver Wages a One-Man War Against GRAB Car, Gets Banned For Life

It’s not every day we get news like this.

While we might feel that all fault’s on him, perhaps we should also think about how all these ride-sharing services have altered the lives of these taxi drivers which pushed them to such drastic measures – though I do agree that this is crossing the line a little too much.


In a report by The Straits Times yesterday, an SMRT taxi driver  by the name of Peter Quek was permanently banned from GrabCar, a ride-sharing service in Singapore.

The is also the first reported case from a ride-sharing service which concerned a harassment of its drivers.

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False bookings

The 30-40-year-old man has been reported to make false GrabCar bookings at odd hours of the night and arrange strange pickup destinations, some even as far as to Pulau Ubin.

Mr. Quek would make last-minute cancellations after the drivers have arrived at the destinations, claiming that he has already successfully hailed another taxi, forcing them to leave which affected their incentive payments.

He would then force drivers to cancel the booking, a move which would affect the driver’s cancellation rate and reduce the incentive payment they receive from Grab.

These harassments lasted for around nine months.

And still, that’s not all.


Other than using the app, he has also launched various personal attacks and sexist comments that caused distressed to a particular GrabCar driver, so much so that she had to resort to filing a police report against him. These were conducted over Whatsapp and Facebook discussion groups.

He called her a ‘chio bu’ (attractive woman) and said she was ‘not bad looking’.

He also persisted in posting photos of her son, which he took from her Facebook account, in instant messaging chat groups and on Facebook, she said, even though she had told him not to do so.

Patrick Nathan, the SMRT Corporate Information And Communications Vice-president said the transport operator is currently investigating the matter.

Taxi drivers have made their move. Private car hires, what say you?

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