SMU Installs More Cameras Outside Toilets To Deter Sexual Misconduct


Lest you’ve been living under a cave, or been holing yourself up in your study room to achieve law-immune good grades, you would surely have familiarised yourself with one notion:

Sexual misconduct is getting worse. By the minute.

In fact, just earlier on as I was getting into the lift, I was sexually harassed by a female office lady working in the same building.

“Hi, floor?” she had asked with a smile.

I looked at her, affronted.

“I can press it myself thank you very much,” I said coldly as I covered my body with my lackluster arms.

She’s totally hitting on me.

Fearful for my precious chastity, I hid in a corner of the lift for the rest of the journey up. Undeterred, she continued shooting me glances of mass destruction.

“Is she gonna touch my bony thighs because she can’t resist it? What if she has good grades?”

My eyes widened in fear. Oh no I should’ve worn my chastity belt today!

Thankfully, she exited without a word on her floor, and I could only sigh in relief as my chastity gets to live another day.


“Phew, I was in mortal danger there.”

Yes, folks, sexual misconduct is a serious issue here in Singapore, and I can testify to its dangers.

Thankfully, however, it seems that actions are constantly being taken to combat it…

And these SMU cameras are a fine exemplification of our constant fight against the ever-potent issue.

SMU Installs More Cameras Outside Toilets To Deter Sexual Misconduct

In the wake of several cases of sexual misconduct that have shaken the nation, the Singapore Management University (SMU) has upped its campus security game, strengthening ground patrols to deter and guard against potential acts of sexual misconduct.

At the same time, the university has also increased the number of CCTV monitors, in order to ensure adequate coverage outside toilets and shower facilities.

Additional signage, that warns against trespass into such areas, have also been implemented.

And to cap things off, a first-response student support unit, called Voices@SMU, has been set up to provide professional care for students: both victims and accused parties.

The unit will be supported by a team of trained staff who will provide students with the necessary assistance. Staff members will also explain and explore reporting and support options, in regards to their cases.

SMU To Show No Leniency Towards Sexual Misconduct

And it seems that SMU’s adopting a no-nonsense approach in regards to such cases.


According to internal documents on student disciplinary code and procedure seen by The Straits Times, those caught perpetrating such acts could face sanctions such as:

  • Indefinite suspension, with specified conditions for returning
  • Expulsion from the university

Lest you’re wondering, certain factors will be taken into account when imposing sanctions:

  • The mental health status or medical history of the accused student
  • The nature, frequency and seriousness of the violation
  • The harm caused by the student
  • Any demonstration of remorse
  • Any relevant mitigating circumstances

Acts of sexual misconduct, which include improper physical contact of a sexual nature, as well as the making or sharing of sexual recordings without consent (or which insult the modesty of others), will strictly be non-tolerated, and are to be considered as “major violations”.

“As a university, SMU is committed to ensuring respect and dignity of all in our community as well as providing a safe and supportive environment on campus. We encourage and expect high standards of conduct from everyone within the SMU community.”

According to The Straits Times, the measures were incorporated after a review of the student discipline policy, procedures and framework.

Preventative Measures

Incidentally, SMU isn’t the first school to implement such measures.


The National University of Singapore (NUS) has also implanted such measures in May this year, after the infamous Monica Baey case first broke out.

So worry not, my dear girls and guys;

Singapore’s still safe. For the time being.

On a side note, I gotta tell my boss about the sexual harassment case earlier today. After all the trauma and whatnot, I’ll need to take MC tomorrow because I feel violated.

“Hey Boss.” I walked into his office with a grimace. “I’ve something important to tell you.”


“What is it?” he asked.

“I was sexually harassed this morning…” I shuffled my feet. “I feel tired, mentally drained. So I was wondering whether I could get an unofficial MC for tomorrow…”

He was silent.

“Err… boss?”

“Oh sorry, I just got an email…” His eyebrows furrowed. “Someone complained to the building security guard that a guy was creeping her out in the lift this morning. She said that the creep’s working on this level…” He looked at me. “You’ve any idea who it is?”

I smiled.

“No Boss. Have a nice day.”