Snake spirit boy is in S’pore, and the first thing he said was…


Last Updated on 2016-05-18 , 4:56 pm

If you didn’t know about the infamous Snake Spirit Boy, then where the heck have you been for the last few months?

In case you’ve really been hiding in a cave, here’s what happened: 19-year-old 刘梓晨, also wildly known as the Snake Spirit Boy, has been the talk of the Internet since he posted a nude photo of himself covered in cash, and shooting back at people who criticized him, from his looks to his attitude.

Netizens dug images of his past and da-ta: it appeared that he looked very different in the past.

snake spirit 3

And earlier this month, he targeted Singapore, saying that Singaporeans are low class, and that just because they could speak English, they think they’re of “higher-class”. Furious Singaporeans immediately shot back and we thought that would be the end of everything—but well, no.

He decided to visit Singapore (for reasons unknown), and to even annoying more Singaporeans, he decided to add a remark once he landed on Changi Airport: “最讨厌这没水准的地方(I hate this low-class place)”

I guess he’s not here for a vacation. Anyone spotted him so far?


Posted by 刘梓晨的唯一私人小号 on Wednesday, February 24, 2016