Rumours of ‘Social Distancing Ambassadors’ Going Around S’pore to Collect ‘Fines’ Are Fake


If you’ve been to any shopping mall or eatery in the last couple of days, you might’ve noticed something different.

For one, there are huge stickers plastered on the chairs indicating that you are not allowed to sit on it.

Secondly, you might notice brightly coloured tape on the floor where you’re supposed to queue up to order your food.

These are part of the new social distancing measures adopted by eateries for your safety.

But there have been rumours as of late that “Safe Distancing Ambassadors” are going around fining people for breaching the safe distancing measures.

PSA: They’re fake.

Rumours of ‘Social Distancing Ambassadors’ Going Around S’pore to Collect ‘Fines’ Are Fake

Lest you’re unaware, from 27 March, people in Singapore who intentionally sit down less than 1m away from another person in a public space or on a fixed seat marked as not to be occupied, or who stand in a queue less than 1m away from another person, will be guilty of an offence.

They can be fined up to $10,000, jailed for up to six months, or face both penalties upon conviction under updates to the Infectious Diseases Act.

This gives legal force to safe distancing measures announced on Tuesday by the multi-ministry task force spearheading the battle against the coronavirus.

However, it is unclear how these will be enforced. Does someone walk up to you and slap you with a fine? Like how NEA officers catch errant smokers?

If that does happen, we know for sure that they won’t be from Enterprise Singapore.

Fake Social Distancing Ambassador From Enterprise Singapore

Enterprise Singapore took to Facebook to share about a rumour that an Enterprise Singapore safe distancing ambassador had imposed a fine on an individual for sitting on a seat that was marked out as not to be occupied.

Image: Pinterest

To make it look even more legit, the message even comes with this image:

Image: WhatsApp (via

They wish to highlight that “This rumour is FALSE.”

The rumour was allegedly spread on social media and via text messaging platforms.

They wish to clarify that safe-distancing ambassadors will not slap you with a fine.


(Though if they slap you with their hands, you deserve it)

“Safe distancing ambassadors are deployed by various government agencies to guide and ensure that businesses implement and comply with the safe distancing measures.”

“They do not impose fines.”

However, “Businesses that are found to have violated the Infectious Diseases Act and regulations promulgated thereunder may be liable for an offence and charged.”

Thus, they urge Singaporeans and members of the public to avoid spreading unverified information, aka fake news.


The Situation In Singapore

In Singapore, there are a total of 49 new cases in Singapore as of 27 March.

Out of the 49 new cases, 22 are imported. Most of them have been to the UK, the US and Europe, with some travel history still pending.

In total, there are 732 confirmed cases in Singapore.

183 of the patients have fully recovered and are discharged, while 17 are in ICU. 2 have passed away.

The conditions of the remaining patients are either stable or improving.

Stay safe everyone and remember to practice social distancing and maintain good personal hygiene during this time.


And to ensure that you’re not a victim of fake news, bookmark the MOH’s website here or register for the’s WhatsApp service here.