Soh Rui Yong’s Singapore Marathon Timing is Also the 2nd Prize 4D Number on the Same Day

If you’re a lottery enthusiast, chances are you would’ve heard of the buzz around the number “2403” this past weekend.

On Sunday (3 December 2023), Singaporean long-distance runner Soh Rui Yong made a remarkable achievement at the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon, emerging as the fastest local participant.

4D enthusiasts had their eyes on something more specific: his winning time of two hours, 40 minutes, and 33 seconds.

Interestingly, Singapore Pools revealed that the draw that took place on the same day, coinciding with the Standard Chartered Marathon, featured “2403” as the second prize winner. 

Image: Singapore Pools

This entitled whoever had placed a bet on this number to a significant prize of S$1,000 for every S$1 big bet or S$2,000 for every S$1 small bet.

In simple terms, even a S$10 big bet would have translated into a whopping S$10,000 win.

Soh Rui Yong’s Singapore Marathon Timing is Also the 2nd Prize 4D Number on the Same Day

Could it be a coincidence when the prize of a 4D number aligns perfectly with a marathon runner’s timing? 

Image: Facebook (Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon)

As Soh achieved an impressive two hours, 40 minutes, and 33 seconds, his victory came with a substantial prize, a cheque for S$10,000—the very same amount he would have won had he placed a S$10 bet on his race timing.

Image: Facebook (Takagi Ramen)

This is his fourth time securing the national title at the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2023.

His previous National Championship Marathon title was clinched in 2019, marking a consecutive three-year winning streak from 2017 to 2019.

He shared a photo of himself at the finish line alongside the 4D results, suggesting that he might have a knack for predicting the future.

Image: Facebook (Soh Rui Yong)

The post received congratulations from many netizens, with one user commenting: “How good if you can finish at 1 hr 9 mins and 34 seconds,” referencing the first prize number for the 4D, “1934”.

Interestingly, not even the fastest marathon runner at the Standard Chartered Marathon could complete the race in under two hours.

In the male category, David Barmasai Tumo, 34, maintained Kenya’s impressive streak as he secured the top position with a finishing time of two hours, 14 minutes and 15 seconds, beating his compatriots, Geoffrey Birgen and Anderson Seroi.

Kenyan athletes have dominated the men’s race since 2002, maintaining a stranglehold on the competition.

About Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2023

The 2023 Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon attracted an impressive turnout, with over 44,000 runners, including 8,000 international participants. 

This marks the highest number of international participants in the marathon’s history.

The 2022 Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon hosted close to 40,000 participants, while the 2019 edition boasted an impressive turnout of over 50,000 individuals.

The event attracted runners from more than 70 different countries.

In the female marathon category, Rachel See emerged as the National Champion, achieving a commendable time of three hours, five minutes, and 51 seconds.

As for the half marathon, the National Champions were Shaun Goh, who clocked an impressive time of one hour, 12 minutes, and 49 seconds, and Vanessa Lee, who clocked a time of one hour, 28 minutes, and 30 seconds.