DPM Heng: 3rd Support Package to be Called ‘Solidarity Budget’; Aimed to Help Worker, Businesses & Households

After the fight against COVID-19 is over, and we’re finally able to sit down in hawker centres to have our Bak Kut Teh and even post it online, there’d be one thing that we’d remember our Government for:

They sure are creative with names.

As more measures were made last month, these measures were called “brakes” and not a lockdown.

As even more drastic measures were announced on Friday, the measure is called a “Circuit Breaker”, which leads to jokes like this:

Image: mysingaporenews.blogspot.com

And now, a name is also given to the new help package used to support us during this outbreak…even before the details were revealed.

Lest you’ve forgotten, the name of the first budget is called Unity Budget and the second is called Resilience Budget.

The third? It’ll be called Solidarity Budget.

Simi is Solidarity?

If you’re like me whose English diction is just slightly above a primary one student’s level, solidarity sounds like a chim word.

So I asked the Internet and here’s the answer:

Solidarity: agreement between and support for the members of a group.

And according to DPM Heng, who’s also the finance minister who must’ve been working on overdrive to save livelihoods as the Health Minister saves lives, all the three names are values of who we are as a people.

Unity, Resilience, Solidarity.



Third Help Package in Less Than 2 Months

Lest you’ve forgotten, the last help package was only announced on 26 March 2020; that’s like a week ago.

It’s almost like your boss coming in to pay you three times in a month when you’re usually paid once a year.

DPM Heng then said that this is a “defining chapter in our generation”, which means that once we pull this off, we can show off to our grandchildren about how we’ve survived the COVID-19 period.

Here’s his post in full:

And by the way, details of the package would only be revealed tomorrow.

In the last budget, many of the initial schemes were doubled or tripled; one can only wonder what’s going to happen tomorrow.

Stay tuned because…we all have nothing to do at home, right?



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