Some MRT Stations to Open Late & Close Early in August & September


The worst thing about train delays is that it’s usually unforeseen. So, if I let you know in advance that a few MRT stations will open late and close early, you won’t be as upset, right?

No? Well, I’m going to tell you about it anyway. (Don’t shoot the messenger!)

Shorter operating hours to facilitate works

A few MRT stations on the North-South Line (NSL) will open late and close early in August and September.

According to an SMRT media release, these shorter operating hours will help facilitate power supply system renewal and maintenance works.

Affected stations and operating hours

From Aug 24 to Sep 1, six stations from Bukit Batok to Marsiling will open later on weekends.

Image: CNA

“How late?” you ask, with a gun pointed towards my head.

“8:00 a.m.,” I answer nervously.

And from Sep 6 to Sep 28, four stations from Bukit Batok to Yew Tee will close earlier on selected Fridays and Saturdays.

“HOW EARLY?” you ask with bulging eyes threatening to burst out of your heads.

“11:00 p.m.,” I say sheepishly.

Image: CNA

“The additional engineering hours will be used to carry out viaduct bearing replacement works and installation of 22kV cables as part of the power supply system renewal works,” SMRT said in their release.

Shuttle buses

But have no fear, shuttle buses are here.

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For the sad people working on weekends and the drunkards going home on Friday and Saturday nights, shuttle buses will be available for travelling between affected MRT stations.

“The buses will stop at designated bus stops near the affected MRT stations to pick up and drop off passengers”, they added.

SMRT also advised commuters to plan their commute and check the departure times of affected MRT stations.

This is because it will take longer to travel between the affected MRT stations with the shuttle buses. Train departure times are also expected to vary during this planned closure.

So, please keep these dates in mind, or else you’ll end up at the Bukit Batok MRT station at 6:00 a.m. wondering where the hell everyone is.