Someone Did a Realistic MV of Jay Chou’s 等你下课 & It’s Better Than the Original

We all know Jay Chou: the talented songwriter, who’s also a singer, actor, director, entrepreneur, husband, daddy, your girlfriend’s imaginary boyfriend and your wife’s fantasy husband, is like the manifestation of a perfect person: good-looking, talented, wealthy and loving.

It also helps that he’s humourous.

But that doesn’t seem to be shown in his MVs, which, for the lack of a better description, don’t really meet our expectations.

I mean, some were a hit, like this 搁浅MV – the song flows beautifully with the MV’s story, causing a surge in ice-cream prices.

But most were…just mediocre. Like this – it’s my favourite song but I don’t really care much about its MV.

But of course, who am I to critique him? I’m a nobody and he has his face plastered on sandwich wrappings.


Someone else can, I guess.

Meet 點亮Blaze, a Production Company in Macau

This company might just have less than 800 Likes in their Facebook Page, but I bet all my boss’s assets that in a few days’ time, it’s going to grow exponentially.

Earlier this year, on 17 January 2018, Jay Chou released his highly anticipated song, 等你下课. The song, which has garnered over 76 million views in YouTube, is as catchy and simple as Baby Shark, and just like any Jay Chou’s song, it’s an instant hit.

And along with Jay Chou’s tradition, there’s some questionable quality in its MV.

If I were to show this to our video team, I think they’ll say, “Why not they engage us to do it for them?”

I mean, we’ve done a Jay Chou MV before, in collaboration with the Singapore Police Force:

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I know, we did worse but at least we conveyed a message, eh?

The 等你下课 MV looks like a low-budget MV – in fact, there’s even a repeat of certain scenes. I won’t deny that I didn’t care much about the MV, though I did wonder: why this direction?

Take a look (if you haven’t) and you’ll understand:

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點亮Blaze Came in & Power-ized It

I know there’s no such word as “power-ized”, but they really add power to the boring MV.


Here’s what they’ve added in the description of the video:


如果覺得首歌好聽, 一定要share比朋友睇個MV, wakakkakakakaka

Translation of what they’ve written:

What if the music video follows the lyrics? How would it look like?


If you think this song is now better, remember to share this MV! HAHAHAHA

And now, the reveal:

The MV, peppered with slapstick scenes, was uploaded on 6 July 2018 and has since garnered well over 2.7K Shares and 95K views. In today’s standard when Facebook is giving viral videos a middle finger and prefer to show less posts by publishers, it’s considered a viral win.


By the way, the story in the MV is just as touching as 搁浅, isn’t it?

Jay Chou is famous for looking at his fan’s works

Think Jay Chou would be mad like Wolverine when he sees this?

I bet my non-existent assets that he won’t.

Earlier this year, the sporting Jay Chou even shared a Malaysia girl’s cover of the same song in his Facebook Page, with this as the description: 杰倫:這個cover 聲音不錯喔😂

Translation: Jay Chou: This cover sounds good


Well, not sure if Ah Chou would see this MV, but if he does, I’m itching to read what he’s got to say.

Now you know what Singaporeans are talking about today; do check back tomorrow for another piece of news of the day!

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