Someone Found a Useful Trick to Spawn Rare Pokémon with Incense


These days, our writers in the office are getting pretty good at multitasking.

Other than writing and thinking about what’s for lunch at 10 am, they’re also planning Pokemon GO trips to catch the rarest and strongest Pokemon.

So when we came across this method to spawn rare Pokemon with incense that everyone has in their inventories, we knew we have to share it with you.

Pokemon GO Incense

If you’re a Pokemon GO player, you probably know how incense in the game works so feel free to skip down to the next section.

But assuming you don’t; an incense is an item which lures more wild Pokemon to your location. Kind of like insect repellent, but it attracts them to you instead of sending them away.

Now, there are two kinds of ways to use incense in the game. The first way is to use an incense, place the phone on the table and wait for it to vibrate.

The second way is to pop an incense and start walking. It’s said that a wild Pokemon will appear every 200 metres, so if you walk at a moderate speed, it’s possible to encounter a Pokemon every minute.

Using Incense to Lure Rare Pokemon

If you’ve popped an incense before, you’ll know that most Pokemon encounters belong to the Pidgey or Rattata type. A complete waste of an incense.

But then we came across this post uploaded on where a user claimed to have found a way to lure rare Pokemon with incense.

It Has to be Remote

The trick, he mentioned, is to go to a place where the Pokemon Nearby feature in the app does not show any Pokemon.

So the theory I have been testing for the last few days is that I find a spot where the in game radar can not find a single Pokemon nearby (the in-game Pokeradar must be completely blank), and pop incense. And BAM, rare Pokemon just start spawning. Doesn’t matter where I am (near water, forest, etc), all different kind of Pokemon spawn. –

He mentioned that as long as he has any Pokemon nearby, the game mechanics remained the same, full of Pidgeys, Rattatas or Weedle.

But once there’s no nearby Pokemon around, you’ll see all the rare Pokemon crawling out of the woods.

Though we got to say, with Singapore being as small as it is, it’s pretty hard trying to find a spot with no nearby Pokemon at all.

So if you managed to find any of such spots, do let us know!

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