How to Remove ‘Someone Has Joined Telegram’ Notification Though It’s Not the Best Solution

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If you’re a frequent user of the Telegram app, you would surely be familiar with the whole ‘Someone Has Joined Telegram’ aspect…

A notion that’s more annoying than it sounds.

Sure, it may be free and easy if you have few contacts. That way, you would hardly find yourself disturbed on a minute basis.

But the same cannot be applied to someone with a burgeoning contact list.

And the worst part?

It’s near-impossible to turn them off.

How to ‘Kind of’ Remove ‘Someone Has Joined Telegram’ Notification

You may have heard of numerous complaints pertaining to the issue.

And although Telegram does have an option to turn them off…

It’s a function that, in reality, does not work.

According to Techweez, there have been frequent complaints about how notifications still occur, even though netizens have disabled the function as advised.

This is also a notion that Telegram has since acknowledged.

Simply put, the toggle may serve to disable the push notification, but it does not inhibit new chats from being created.


This is because of the syncing of contacts with the app.

Instead, you can go into Settings > Privacy and Security > Data Settings, and Delete Synced Contacts.

This way, it will prevent future contacts from being created…

A notion that still hasn’t gone down well with tech users, as apparently, deleting sync contacts leads to a ruined chat platform.


“That is a rubbish way of coding this feature since it means we are technically helpless to these notifications,” said Techweez.

“Telegram syncs your contacts and if you decide to delete synced contacts (I tried), it ruins how your chats look like.”

To end off, the writer delivered an ultimatum:

“This seems like a feature that we will have to deal with until Telegram comes up with a better way to deal with the “contact joined Telegram” problem.”

Or in other words…


Until Telegram comes up with a better option, it might be ideal to stomach the annoyance that the notion gives instead.

A tough notion, but I’m sure it’s one that we can live with.

Meanwhile, for more information on the Telegram app, you can peruse this article here.

You can also watch a video that we have done on it here:


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