Someone Made a Video to Roast SG YouTubers; Jianhao Tan Responded on his IG Stories

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Do you YouTubeeeeeeeeeeeee?

Or more specifically, do you spend hours binge-watching YouTube videos before you can fall asleep every night?

If so, then you’d be familiar with the YouTube scene in Singapore.

Unlike in the US whereby YouTubers roast each other regularly and even challenged one another to a real boxing match (Hello, Mr Paul!), the local scene is a tad…healthier.

We’ve NOC occasionally doing listicles and food reviews.

We’ve Wah!Banana doing listicles and…. listicles.

We’ve Jianhao Tan who constantly reminds us how old we are with his listicle-based T1T5 video series.

And we’ve got the Goody Feed YouTube channel that no one except my boss watches every night just to get one more view daily.

Now, you’d have spotted a trend: most Singapore YouTube channels, that have high subscriber count, do listicles.

Nothing wrong with that because Buzzfeed told us that listicle works.

But someone decided to do something about it.

Introducing… Sneaky Sushii, who just registered his YouTube channel on 4 July 2019 and already has a whopping 10K+ views with one video.

How did he do it?

First Video a Hit

Simple. He did a listicle.

A funny one in fact—one that YouTubers from the US have often done.

And his topic?



Or, in a non-clickbaity title, 3 Things Singaporean YouTubers Do.

Here’s the video if you’re here just to watch his video:

And here’s a summary of his argument:

Use Thumbnails with Sexy Ladies
Pretty clear-cut, isn’t it? We actually tried asking XiaoBeach73 if she’s willing to appear on our video thumbnails with a low-cut dress but decided not to because people like to look at basketballs and not ping pong balls.

How much can you earn from delivering food with foodpanda in Singapore? We tried it out for you, and the amount is apparently not what we’ve expected:

Do “Types of” Videos (i.e. listicles)
I can’t say I disagree with him on this, though.

Place Product Placements
I would like to say I agree with him but I can’t because my boss is beside me. One thing everyone needs to understand is that free content doesn’t mean free labour #justsayingcuzbossbeside

Sneaky Sushii uploaded his entire video on Reddit and responses have been overwhelming; he now has over 400 YouTube subscribers.


Now, before you fans go throw rotten eggs at Sneaky Sushii, hold your horses and your eggs: he added in the comment section that “I’m not hating on the people behind the channels, I’m aware that it takes a lot of hardwork and great work ethics to grow a channel on YouTube. However, the content being put out by said content creators just doesn’t appeal to me, and that’s my personal opinion.”

And guess what?

Jianhao Tan, who was “roasted” in the video, has watched it.

And he’s responded via his Instagram Story.

Jianhao Tan’s Response

The newly wedded YouTuber who’s going to be a father soon isn’t exactly happy at the video.


First, he posted this:

Image: Instagram (@thejianhaotan)

Transcript lest you can’t read:

So I just watched a video of someone ripped us “Singapore YouTubers”

And generally I am unbothered by such comments, because I mean come on my journey to 3 million subscribers wasn’t exactly a smooth sailing one. Over the years I’ve heard millions of criticism regardless whether it stems from jealousy, hate, love, anger. I’ve heard it all. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.


But while I’m okay with opinions, I am not okay with assumptions.

So with the benefit of doubt that people assume because of the impression they are given or just poor research, here are 2 things I want to address about my content

I’m telling you, if Jianhao Tan watches our video, we’ll throw a party immediately.

But anyways, next, he explained the hard work of making a video (which we understand—but why our videos still less than 300 views when we spent 300 hours on it?!):

Image: Instagram (@thejianhao)



1. It’s so easy to make videos

People don’t see the amount of effort and talents/crew involved in our videos. If it’s so easy. Then why are there only a few amount of “Singaporean YouTubers” with such a high amount of following? A channel wth 3 Million subscribers from a country with a population of 6 million? Why wouldn’t everyone have a lambo by now. You think still think it’s easy? Then try doing it every week and tell me it doesn’t take a mental toll on you.

Then he explained the rationale behind doing listicle:

Image: Instagram (@thejianhao)




This is something I wanted to address for awhile because it is true that whenever I can, my video has to be a listical. BUT WHY??? That’s because neurological studies show the brain responds to the format. This is YouTube. I’m not gonna spend weeks on a video then leave it there and hope nobody watches lol. But at the same time it doesn’t mean the content reflects 100% of the title. It’s called omptimization. Viewers of the channel have seen how much our content evolved over the years and the list is simply just a structure. And I don’t plan to change that anytime soon unless I’m going to change platform to Vimeo, Netflix, Cinema. Then I will follow the structure that works

Don’t hate the player hate the game

Which we’ll have to agree because we’re doing listicle, too. We so creative, right? But why still no one watches our videos?


And then he questioned his intentions:

Image: Instagram (@thejianhao)


Also I think someone pussied out in the end and after making a long video talking shit about us, we are suddenly funny, entertaining and easy to watch.

And of course he asks you to subscribe lolololz. Looks like some influencer wannabe trying to start their career by using names of successful influencers and compiling everyone’s else’s opinions on reddit. Original!!!


Well, if anything, here’s something we learn: the next video by Sneaky Sushii is going to be exciting. Notice me, Senpai?

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