Someone in Yishun was Arrested for Cocking a Fake Gun

There’s no need to ponder about the location when you hear such strange news again; where else could it be but Yishun?

We’ve all got out hobbies, but needless to say, people in Yishun might have the most unique ones. Cosplay enthusiast Timothy Tan Zhi Yu had a keen interest in fake guns, and took one out in public on 14 March.

Alarmed passersby were quick to call the police, and 50 officers from a few different departments were dispatched to the scene.


Imagine how they felt when they found out that the weapon was made of hard plastic and cool not be fired.

It was merely one of 17 replica guns that Tan had bought from Funan DigitaLife Mall, and all fake guns were confiscated by the police after they raided his flat. Apparently, owning even replicas of weapons required a permit – this includes swords. Even the shop that sold Tan his goodies is now undergoing investigation.

Image: OZaiachin /

Though we’ve all got different interests, dressing up as a Swat officer or a member of the United States Marines like Tan, who has unfortunately lost a whole lot of the items he was interested in, is probably not under our to-do list.

Now, if Yishun isn’t going to chill with their craziness, we’ll gladly grab a bucket of popcorn and keep munching.

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Featured Image: OZaiachin /

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