Song Ji Hyo Allegedly Cried and Stayed Out of Contact for 3 Days After Dismissal from Running Man


While Running Man fans and cast members were upset over the departure of Song Ji Hyo, she was probably the most affected out of everyone.

According to her label, she apparently shut herself off from the rest for three days and cried her eyes out. 

Song Ji Hyo, who has been with the Running Man family for 7 years, is loved by many fans from all over the world for constantly putting on a bright smile on her face and her candid personality.

Despite being tired from her busy drama filming schedule (remember how she had always slept even during filming?), she always gives her best on the show by working hard to complete her missions and providing laughter to the cast members and fans.

In an interview with OSEN, her label mentioned that the Running Man cast members were like family to her and she was deeply hurt by the incident.  They added, “After she heard she would be leaving, she had a really hard time. She cut off all communications and just cried her eyes out.”

Image: Soompi Forums

It must have been upsetting for the fans as well since the fans have witnessed the effort Song Ji Hyo has put into the show.

We wish for her to stay strong and all the best for her future endeavours. Even when Running Man comes to an end next year, fans from around the world will always remember her impressive contributions in Running Man.

Hwaiting, Ace!

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